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Centre for Hellenic Studies

Research projects

Members of the Centre for Hellenic Studies are currently engaged in the following research projects:


Classics & Class in Britain, 1789-1917

This research project will identify evidence which challenges the prevailing picture by consulting working-class subjects themselves in the period when class conflict in Britain was most acute and self-conscious.


The Art of Making in Antiquity: Stone Carving & Carvers in the Roman World

This project develops an innovative approach to Roman sculpture by interpreting carving techniques through the lens of practical craft expertise.


Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica

This project's goal is to produce a digital publication of the inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica, with particular focus on plotting and displaying geographical information.


The Stavros Valley Project

This project aims to produce and archaeological atlas of northern Ithaka and thus to assess the long-term impact (on settlement density, port development and wider integration) of Italian colonisation, local polis development, the rise of Hellenistic monarchies and Roman imperial control.


Vindolanda Tablets Online

Dr John Pearce worked as research assistant in the preparation of the third volume of writing tablets from the fort at Vindolanda, just south of Hadrian's Wall


Prosopography of the Byzantine World

This project aims to record all surviving information about every individual mentioned in Byzantine textural sources, together with as many as possible of the individuals recorded in seal sources.


DEBIDEM: Defining Belief & Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean

This project seeks to recover the processes by which religious beliefs and identities were defined through interreligious interaction and debate in the religious culture of a broader social base in the eastern Mediterranean.


Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus

The long-term aim of this project is to provide a well-structured gazetteer framework for the digital analysis and publication of materials from medieval Cyprus.


Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea

The aims of the project include a new study of all Ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions origination from the Northern Coast of the Black Sea; and publication of Russian and English critical editions of the inscriptions in print and digital formats.


Ego-media: The Impact of New Media on Forms & Practices of Self-Presentation

This project will consider the implications of the growth of new digital methods of self-expression on notions such as individuality, creativity, privacy and sociability.

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