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Level 7

7AACK814 Ancient Cyprus: Colonizations, Copper & City-kingdom

Credit Value: 40 credits
Module convenor/tutor: Dr Ellen Adams
Assessment: 3 x essays of 3,000-3,500 words (each piece of equal value)
Teaching pattern: 20 x 2-hour weekly seminars
Availability: Please see module list

Teaching pattern: 20 x 2 hour seminars (weekly)

Aphrodite’s island lies at the crossroads of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Rich in natural resources and strategically located, Cyprus has long benefited from contact with surrounding cultures: the Levant to the east, Egypt to the south, Anatolia to the north and the Aegean to the west.  These interactions played a crucial role in the formation of a distinctive, prosperous and fascinating island culture during the prehistoric and early historic periods (c. 7,000-325 BC). 

This dedicated MA module will explore human life on Cyprus from the first colonizations of the island. The gradual adoption of metal brought about changes to the technological and social life of the islanders, but it was not until the Late Bronze Age (c. 1600-1050 BC) that the island’s copper resources were fully exploited. Copper played a crucial role in the economic, social, political and ritual spheres during this and succeeding periods, including the Archaic (c. 750-475 BC) city-kingdoms.

This module provides the opportunity for a diachronic analysis of island archaeology. Running themes include the nature and consequences of contact between cultures, trajectories of socio-political development and collapse, urbanism, and the role of rituals in socio-political dynamics.

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