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The word "Dutch" means "of the people." It was the language of the common people, as distinguished from official languages, such as Latin and French. It was derived from the various Germanic languages spoken in the Netherlands region. Standardization of Dutch began during the Middle Ages.

Dutch is a West Germanic language and the native language of most of the population of the Netherlands, and about sixty percent of the populations of Belgium and Suriname, the three member states of the Dutch Language Union. It  is probably one of the easiest language to learn for English speakers as it positions itself somewhere between German and English.

Resources in the Language Resources Centre

Dutch Resources Catalogue
The PDF file contains all resources for Dutch that can be found in the Language Resources Centre. It is divided into 3 categories:

  • Book
  • Audio CD/DVD
  • Films/TV

In the 'Notes' column you will find details of, for example, CDs that accompany textbooks and vice versa. Other information had been included throughout the catalogue to help identify a specific item if viewing these off-site.

Please note that these resources are offered on a reference-only basis.


A website for beginners as it provides 10 lessons. Each lesson has audio files embedded from YouTube in which the Dutch-speaker enunciates clearly and slowly. A text box is also anchored to each video. In addition, it has a resourceful theory section with its respective tests.

Theory is in English and is accompanied by some translation exercises of simple sentences. Contains five lessons.

Virtual dutch
A very thorough introduction to Dutch grammar, divided into specific sections, and with practical examples of theory in sentences.

Dutch Grammar
This website offers explanations of spelling, pronunciation and grammatical rules. Moreover you can find audio podcasts to let you listen to spoken or even sung Dutch while you can read the text in Dutch and English.

Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises for all levels
Open website of a Flemish school. If you select 'Nederland voor anderstaligen' you find a wide range of grammar and vocabulary exercises for all lebvels.

This is the website of a popular textbook in Flanders. Some of the exercises can be accessed for free.

Kevin Vermassen
Website of a Flemish teacher with some interesting vocabulary exercises.

Online grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Dictionaries Culture - Dutch Culture

Sounds of the Netherlands
A history of Dutch pop in 10 songs.

Media Games Films, series and clips


Zap met je klas - TVBrussel
This is part of the website of 'Huis van het Nederlands', the flemish organisation that helps Dutch teachers and students. Zam met je klas contains a great variety of videos from TVBrussel. They speak slowly and understandably. There is also a DVD with a selection of these videos with subtitles.

Zap met je klas - Antwerp
Like above, but with videos of the regional television of Antwerp.

Karakter (Dutch,Belgium, 1997)

Flodder (1986)

Curaçao Zoals Wij Het Zien-Korte Documentaire (2011) 

Turks Fruit (1973-excerpt)

Nijntje (cartoon)

Video clips that are subtitles so that beginners can follow the content more easily.

Verb conjugation for Dutch as well as other languages.


Study Dutch at King's


Evening Language Courses
Members of the public can study Dutch at King's at beginner levels.

Tailor-made Tuition
We offer tailor-made courses in Dutch for individuals and groups.

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