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Studying Japanese will expand your knowledge of Japanese culture, from traditional Haiku to contemporary literature, film, Anime and Manga. It will also broaden your career opportunities. Knowing some Japanese can be advantageous in business, industry and technology, and will make your CV stand out from the crowd.

Studying Japanese is also a confirmation of your interest in Japan when applying for the JET Programme, which attracts English-speaking graduates world-wide, and gaining communication and reading skills, even at beginners level, will make your stay in Japan more rewarding. Resources in the Language Resources Centre
Japanese Resources Catalogue

The PDF file contains all resources for Japanese that can be found in the Language Resources Centre. It is divided into 3 categories:


  • Book
  • Audio CD/DVD
  • Films/TV

In the 'Notes' column you will find details of, for example, CDs that accompany textbooks and vice versa. Other information had been included throughout the catalogue to help identify a specific item if viewing these off-site.

Please note that these resources are offered on a reference-only basis.

Erin ga Choosen, Nihon-go Dekimasu
Erin ga Choosen, Nihon-go Dekimasu ('Ellen's Challenge, I can speak Japanese!') is the online version of the popular book and DVD volumes. Arranged in 25 chapters, the site allows you to work on your Japanese reading and listening skills through situational skits in which Ellen ('Erin') discovers life in Japan as a visiting student. The site has many other features worth exploring and these will greatly enhance your learning and enjoyment of the site. The books and DVDs are available to use in the Centre, and have greater depth compared to the website.

Programme schedules available for the TV station that is on constant stream in the Centre

Higarana Times
An online complement to our monthly magazine. Suitable for upper beginners to intermediate levels. Particularly useful for reading and writing where topical articles are translated from Japanese into romaji/hiragana/kanji. At least a year's worth of back issues are always available on the shelves to browse through.

Marugoto Japanese Learning
Online support pages for the textbooks and workbooks held in the LRC.


You can learn Hiragana and Katakana by playing games.

Easy Japanese

Digital Dialects


Genki on-line self-study room
Good for revision , especially 'Genki Movies'.

Kids Web Japan
Designed for children, but useful for all beginners. Includes hiragana, katakana and kanji lessons, a picture dictionary, stories, and more.

Chimata no Nihongo
Situational Japanese for beginners. With animation and sound files.

NHK World Japanese Lessons (Radio programme & Podcast)

Japanese lessons at lower intermediate level. Useful for learning daily phrases.

MARUGOTO+ (MARUGOTO Plus) is a website where users can learn about Japanese language and culture alongside the contents of "Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture", a coursebook which uses the JF Standard as a basis.

A useful site for intermediate (and above) users that uses anime and manga as a medium for learning and developing Japanese usage.

Japanistry - Grammar
Features explanations on a wide range of grammatical structures.

Advanced Dictionaries

Reading Tutor
Translation tools. Click 'Dictionary Tool' and paste text.

Excite Japanese English translator
Can translate paragraphs and blocks of text from English to Japanese and vice-versa. Operates in Japanese.

Bi-directional Online Dictionary
An online Japanese-English dictionary. Not powerful, but easy to use.

Translation Tools. Go to a webpage, point at a Japanese word and get the English equivalent.

Proverb dictionary

Explore Japan

Japanese Religion and Spirituality
You can understand more about Japanese beliefs via these pages.

Japanese Culture and Information at Sabotenweb
A comprehensive site covering evrything from traditional culture to the JET programme.

History of Japan
A general overview of Japanese history in English.

Japanese Slang
Everything you need to know in order to survive on the streets of Tokyo!

Features content regarding a number of tourist locations and study options in Japan.

You Tube - Japanese Bunraku puppets

You Tube - Wooden robot in the 19th century (Karakuri Ningyo)


TBS News i
Click ‘check’ and 再生 to view/hear selected news.

The Japan Times
Japan’s most popular English newspaper.

The Asahi Shimbun
The English version of the Asahi Shimbun.

Yomiuri on-line / Yomiuri Shimbun
In Japanese.

Mainichi Shimbun
One of Japan's leading newspapers in Japanese - Japanese version.

Mainichi daily news - English version
One of Japan's leading newspapers - English version

General information on Japan and Japanese

JF News from The Japan Foundation
Information including Japanese library, events, art, films in London and other places.

Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide
The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers information including scholarships.

JLPT: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
Information and sample questions on the test in English.

Embassy of Japan in the UK
The Embassy of Japan in the UK has a section of its site dedicated to showcasing film, theatre and other cultural events taking place in the UK.

Daiwa Foundation
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is a UK charity which hosts and also promotes a wide range of cultural events, talks, seminars, etc on a wide variety of topics related to Japan. Grants and scholarships are available for various aspects of study on Japan.

Japan Foundation - JF Standard
The JF standard is a tool with which to assess the learning and teaching of Japanese. The methodology will be of interest to both teachers and students.

Study Japanese at King's

Evening Language Courses
Members of the public can study Japanese at King's at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Assessed Modules
Doing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? You can take a Japanese course as part of your studies (all levels).

Tailor-made Tuition
We offer tailor-made courses in Japanese for individuals and groups.

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