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polish churchPolish belongs to the West-Slavic group of the Indo-European languages together with Czech and Slovak. It is the official language of Poland and is spoken by 50 million people wordwide. It is also the third most widely spoken Slavic language, after Russian and Ukrainian. Polish has developed a rich literature over the centuries.   Resources in the Language Resources Centre

Polish Resources Catalogue
The PDF file contains all resources for Polish that can be found in the Language Resources Centre. It is divided into 3 categories:


  • Book
  • Audio CD/DVD
  • Films/TV

In the 'Notes' column you will find details of, for example, CDs that accompany textbooks and vice versa. Other information had been included throughout the catalogue to help identify a specific item if viewing these off-site.

Please note that these resources are offered on a reference-only basis.


BBC Languages
A Guide to Polish, 10 Facts, Key Phrases, The Alphabet... your starter to learning Polish.

Polish Grammar / Sadowska Translations
The tables provided are a unique, ready-reference source for the students of Polish. They provide immediate answers to most general grammar questions quickly, eliminating time-consuming searches. Particularly valuable for beginner students is the "Pronunciation" section, where you will find recorded samples of Polish sounds and words.

Polish songs, dialogues, grammar and vocabulary

Learn Polish online
Alphabet and pronunciation, numbers, vocabulary and phrases, videos and podcasts.

Materials for Teaching and Learning
An index of many useful links for the Polish alphabet, pronunciation, basic phrases, grammar, listening, reading, testing your Polish, dictionaries and more.

Polish Language Website by the University of Pittsburgh
Offers a first year Polish course, a Polish-English Dictionary, a guide to Polish grammar as well as various downloadable PDFs and links.

Simple Polish
Offers simple polish with vocabulary builders and games. Includes an Advanced section for those who wish to take their Polish a step further.

Polish Word of the Day


Concise Polish Grammar by Ronald F. Feldstein
Seven chapters in PDF format covering the essentials of Polish grammar.

The Polish Language Stuff
Text and mp3 to read and listen.

Learn Polish Feel Good
Online grammar exercises.

Skwierzyna - Learn Polish
A platform that offers a wide variety of resources, ranging from grammar tutorials to literature.

A fun and interactive website that offers dictionaries, exercises, tests and games.

Polish Grammar Bigos
Videos in order to practice and improve Polish pronunciation skills.


Polish Grammar by Grzegorz Jagodzinski
Comprehensive site explaining in detail linguistic aspects of the Polish language from phonetics to morphology and etymology. Excellent resource for understanding the Polish language. The detail is such that it is like reading a text book.

Digital Dialects - Polish Advanced
An interactive platform to practice your Polish skills in a playful way.

A fun and interactive website that offers dictionaries, exercises, tests and games.

Dictionaries Culture

The web portal is a project of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. It offers the cultural daily news as well as a comprehensive selection of encyclopedic articles on Polish artists and their creations. The website is available in Polish and English.

Polish Cultural Institute
The polish Cultural Institute with its office situated - where else! - on Poland Street in Central London is dedicated to promoting cultural ties between the UK and Poland. It showcases contemporary Polish culture (visual arts, film, theatre, music and literature) for the audience in the UK. The website is available in English.

Information Portal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Index of links organised by topics related to Poland and its culture in English language.

Website for children about Poland in Polish, English and Chinese. Interactive and fun!


E.L. Easton Languages online
Information about Polish festivals, food, customs, religion etc.

Polish Connections UK
Arts, Business, Society, Culture and much more about Poland.

Polish Tongue-Twisters
A number of Polish tongue-twisters to keep things fun!

Teatr Pismo
Online platform about Polish theatre and upcoming productions.

Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego
Virtual Museum of the Warsaw Uprising website



News Online

Gazeta Wyborcza


Magazines Online

Focus. Poznać i zrozumieć świat


Newsweek Polska


Twoj Styl

Radio online

Polskie Radio Online
Click on POSLUCHAJ and choose from variety of radio programs

RMF FM :: Radio Muzyka Fakty
Click on to the SLUCHAJ RADIA RMF FM

Click on SLUCHAJ ON-LINE and listen to many interesting shows in this TALK (TOK) radio.

Polskie Radio RDC
Click on SLUCHAJ ON-LINE - news and in-depth interviews and conversations on various topics.

Click on WLACZ ROCK RADIO and listen to rock, alternative, metal, punk, electro, grunge, post-grunge and other non-mainstream music from Poland and all over the world.




Polish podcast interviews

The Lexicon of Rebels
Jim Morrison, Johny Rotten, William Burroughs, Bob Marley, Patti Smith and others. This show is dedicated to those who rebelled in music and culture...

Study Polish at King's

Evening Language Courses
Members of the public can study Polish at King's at beginner, and intermediate and levels.

Tailor-made Tuition
We offer tailor-made courses in Polish for individuals and groups.

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