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Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and lingua franca in all former Soviet Republics, with over 170 million mother-tongue speakers and over 120 million people speaking it as a second language.

Russian is a beautiful language, with a chic status in Western Europe, and it is not as hard to learn as its reputation leads to believe. Studying Russian will allow you access to a fascinating array of literature and film, and an insight into history, the arts, the sciences, and the world of sport. From Chekhov to Kandinsky to Tchaikovsky, you will be amazed at what you already know, and what you can learn! 

Resources in the Language Resources Centre

Russian Resources Catalogue
The PDF file contains all resources for Russian that can be found in the Language Resources Centre. It is divided into 3 categories:


  • Book
  • Audio CD/DVD
  • Films/TV

In the 'Notes' column you will find details of, for example, CDs that accompany textbooks and vice versa. Other information had been included throughout the catalogue to help identify a specific item if viewing these off-site.

Please note that these resources are offered on a reference-only basis.

Resources in the Maughan Library (King's students only)

Library Services support pages
The Library Services support pages for Russian Studies where you will find a wealth of material.


BBC Languages - Russian
Improve your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with this content-rich BBC site dedicated to Russian language learners.

GOLOSA - a basic course in Russian
Great website for beginners and intermediate willing to improve their communication skills and work on listening and pronunciation. Features audio, video, grammar and supplementary materials for the learning of Russian including instructions and guidance and online exercises.
A site that offers free lessons, reviews and recommended links to learn Russian independently.

Hello World
This website offers games, flashcards, songs and various worksheets to make learning Russin fun.

Listen and Learn Russian Online
A very good interactive website to learn new vocabulary, phrases and practice your pronunciation.

Learn Russian
A great website for self-study with lessons, exercises and tests.

An Interactive Online Reference Grammar

Digital Dialects


GOLOSA - a basic course in Russian
Great website for beginners and intermediate willing to improve their communication skills and work on listening and pronunciation. Features audio, video, grammar and supplementary materials for the learning of Russian including instructions and guidance and online exercises.

Russian Popcorn - Russian dialogues with audio
Audio recordings of unscripted dialogues in everyday Russian language with transcripts.Good resource for practising your listening skills and getting familiar with unscripted Russian.

An Interactive Online Reference Grammar


Culture of Russia
This site offers a variety of useful cultural information. Great for practicing reading comprehension.
Great website to refresh all the grammar rules in Russian.

Russian Language Learning
A joint project between the University of Sussex and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Very useful link for all who wish to practice their reading comprehension and are interested in Russian literature.

Dictionaries Culture

Gorod London                                                                                                Cultural Events in London for Russian Speakers

Pushkin House                                                                                                            Pushkin House was set up as a non-partisan meeting place for people of all nationalities who are interested in Russian culture, serving as a home and dedicated showcase for Russian culture, with a focus on Anglo-Russian cultural exchange.

Russians in UK                                                                                                         Information on Russian events and social life in London and Great Britain, including concerts, business meetings, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, roundtables, festivals and lots of other Russian events.


Covers Russian secret services, intelligence and terrorism issues.

Interfax in English
Interfax in Russian
Major Russian news agency. Toes the Kremlin line.

Ruskaya Gazeta
The main Russian online newspaper.

Argumenty i Fakty
Online Newspaper with all the current news and information.

Novaya Gazeta
Liberal newspaper known for its investigative journalism. Online newspaper with all the current news and information.

Pro-government news site, not online version of pro-communist printed newspaper of the same name.

The Moscow Times
A daily English-language newspaper featuring news on business, politics and culture in Russia.

An online news portal.

RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news.

Radio and Podcasts
Russian Literature Language Podcasts from the UCLA Centrer for World Languages


Radio Voice of Russia
Site of the state radio company. Features daily news, comments and special reports.

Radio Russia

Radio Culture Moscow
Listen to reports and interviews with current figures of the Russian culture and art scene.

Radio Mayak
News and Talk. Transcripts are provided for some of the podcasts.


Hedgehog in the Fog (Youiry Norshteyn, 1975)
A story about a little hedgehog who is on his way to visit his friend the beat cub. Directed by Youiry Norshetyn, produced by the Soyuzmult Film Studio in Moscow.

The Mermaid (Aleksandr Petrov, 1997)
An animated short film directed by Aleksandr Petrov and showcasing the pain-on-glass animation technique for which Petrov is known. The story is based on tradiotional Slavic folkloke about the rusalki, river-dwelling mermaids said to be 'born' from the unhappy souls of young women who had commited suicide by drowning - usually after being mistreated by a man.

Две сказки (1962)
Soviet animation.

Study Russian at King's

Evening Language Courses
Members of the public can study Russian at King's at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Assessed Modules
Doing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? You can take a Russian course as part of your studies (beginner and intermediate levels).

Tailor-made Tuition
We offer tailor-made courses in Russian for individuals and groups.

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