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Spanish is the fourth most spoken world language, one of the six official languages in the UN, and the second most used language in international communication. Speaking Spanish will help you communicate with the 500 million Spanish-speakers worldwide.

From the multicultural Spain of the Middle ages, a society rich in Muslim influences, through encounters with the new world of the Americas, to the current demands of the indigenous Latin American peoples, there is something of interest for everybody. Its cultures have a global influence on music, architecture, art, literature and gastronomy that will enrich you as a person Resources in the Language Resources Centre

Spanish Resources Catalogue
The PDF file contains all resources for Spanish that can be found in the Language Resources Centre. It is divided into 3 categories:


  • Book
  • Audio CD/DVD
  • Films/TV

In the 'Notes' column you will find details of, for example, CDs that accompany textbooks and vice versa. Other information had been included throughout the catalogue to help identify a specific item if viewing these off-site.

Please note that these resources are offered on a reference-only basis.

Resources in the Maughan Library (King's students only)

Library Services support pages
The Library Services support pages for SPLAS (Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies) where you will find a wealth of material.

All Levels

Spanish Level Test
Test your language skills and know which level you are in.

Instituto Cervantes - AVE
Here you can practice your vocabulary, grammar and verb tenses by choosing the online exercises according to your level.

Tecla Online Learning Newspaper
Here you can find newspaper articles classified by level (A,B and C) with exercises related to the reading and the solutions.


BBC Spanish
Improve your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with BBC Spanish. It also provides good insight into the culture and history of the Spanish speaking world. Most useful exercises are: Mi Vida Loca (videos), Talk Spanish (recordings w/-text) and Spanish slang.

Learn Spanish
This link offers a collection of multiple choice and fill in the gap activities as well as cultural notes accompanied with audio clips. It is especially good for improving pronunciation. Examples are given of both natives' and non-natives' correct and incorrect pronunciation of vowels, etc. Also provides a very comprehensive grammar section with theory and tests.

Más arriba
Full-colour drawings, audio clips, instant feed-back and vocabulary exercises. The language areas covered range from greetings to the subjunctive.

Clinical Interview
The website has many videos, which deal with medical role plays in different scenarios and contexts. It includes subtitles in Spanish to facilitate and train listening comprehension.

Learn Spanish
Audio files of different accents; transcripts of dialogues in medical contexts, etc. It is helpful to confirm correct pronunciation.

Spanish Online
Several tests for different core grammar aspects of Spanish.

More tests on basic Spanish grammar. Useful for revision.

Study Language and Grammar
Many useful grammar 'fill the gap' exercises.

Isla Learning Spanish
A combination of games and exercises to improve the basics of Spanish grammar.

Spanish Vocabulary Quiz
Sixty Spanish vocabulary quizzes to give you the essential vocabulary base to travel around the Hispanic countries. 

Lecturas Paso a Paso
Short stories for beginners. These include pre- and post- reading exercises with different degrees of difficulty.


Gramática by Enrique Yepes
This site will allow you to revise your grammar and help you develop fluency in academic writing in Spanish. Comprehensive intermediate grammar with examples and exercises aplenty.

Gramatica y ortografia
This Spanish CALL project designed by Juan Manuel Soto Arriví will help you to improve your Spanish spelling, punctuation and various areas of difficulty with writing.

Lecturas Paso a Paso
Selection of texts/readings with activities that will help you to assess how well you are absorbing your Spanish. It is not easy to navigate, but once inside, click on the bookes' titles on their spines.

Notes in Spanish
Listen and read real Spanish conversations through podcasts.

Spanish Language Exercises
An interactive resource that students can complete and self-check. Also have access to literature based activities by clicking on ‘Literature’. - Medical Spanish
This website is aimed at intermediate and advanced students. It provides useful podcasts and videos which focus on the healthcare sector and its associated medical vocabulary. It also includes grammar lessons, recaps and several cultural topics.

Free Spanish Exercises
Vocabulary, culture, grammar and situation exercises. Refer to intermediate (B1/B2) section on the left-hand side.

Study Spanish

Study Language and Grammar


Notes in Spanish
Listen and read real Spanish conversations through podcasts.

Grammar Exercises
Numerous exercises divided by specific grammar sections. Correction of the exercises is immediate so one gets feedback as one progresses through the tests.

Spanish Grammar Online
Multiple choice tests divided by specific grammar sections.

Study Language and Grammar

Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises
These exercises include songs, stories and have specific vocabulary for Spanish for Business.

Online newspaper from the National Autonomous University of Mexico




Spaleon - Learn it Online
Learn to conjugate Spanish verbs with the conjugator trainer.

Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs.


Centro Virtual Cervantes
A website that provides information about Spanish language, literature, art, culture, etc.

El Castellano
Learn all about the norms of the correct usege of the Spanish language and read a variety of articles related to history of language as well as current affairs.

Latin American Regional Resources
A useful list of organizations that facilitate research in Latin American Studies.

Ministerio de Cultura de España
A website that provides textual and visual documentation of visual arts from Spain.

Presencia Cultural - Video de actualidad cultural en Perú
Improve your Spanish listening skills and learn about Peruavian culture with authentic Spanish videos clips.

Gracias a la vida
A very popular Latin American song by Chilean composer Violeta Parra and interpreted by Mercedes Sosa. It contains the lyrics.

La Cultura Castellana
Contains articles about art, movies, history, sports, etc in Spain and South American Spanish speaking countries.


BBC Mundo
The latest news from Latin America.

News and gossip from Latin America

Televisión Española
National Spanish television. Here you can watch TV shows, series as well as news.

Antena 3 – Atresplayer 

Another well known Spanish television channel.

Telecinco – 

Another well known Spanish television channel.
North America


El Diario de Yucatan

El Economista

El Financiero

El Informador

El Universal Mexican Newspaper

La Jornada

Novedades de Quintana Roo


El Centro Chicano

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

Central America & Caribbean

Costa Rica

La Nacion

La Prensa Libre

Tico Times


Granma Internacional

El Salvador

El Diario de Hoy

La Prensa Grafica


Siglo Veintiuno


Diario Tiempo


El Nuevo Diario

La Prensa


El Panamá América

El Siglo

La Prensa

Puerto Rico

El Nuevo Día

South America



Diario Castellanos Rafaela

La Razón


El Deber

Los Tiempos Cochabamba

La Razón

Nueva Economia

La Prensa

Bolivian Express
In English but with Spanish glossary and plenty of cross-cultural information; highly recommended as it directly juxtaposes life in the UK with life in Bolivia.


La Tercera



El Tiempo

El Colombiano

El Mundo



Diario El Mercurio - Cuenca Online

El Diario

El Financiero

La Hora - Ecuador


La Nación

La Última hora



La República

El Comercio

Perú 21


El Pais Edicion Digital

La Republica



Diario la Hora

El Nacional

El Universal



El Pais

El Periodico de Catalunya


La Gaceta de los Negocios

La Vanguardia

El Economista 

National Radio of Spain


Free audiobooks for auditory learners or for those who simply enjoy the experience of reading books.

El Show del Lobo
Listen to information about the latest advances in technology from Mexico City.


Discover Spanish
Downloadable podcasts in which you will learn to speak and understand Spanish in real-life, everyday situations.
Games Films and series available on YouTube Study Spanish at King's

Evening Courses
Members of the public can study Spanish at King's at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Assessed Modules
Doing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? You can take a Spanish course as part of your studies (all levels).

Tailor-made Tuition
We offer tailor-made courses in Spanish for individuals and groups.

Spanish for Medics Online
An online course that uses a variety of electronic elements and a workbook.

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