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Student Admission & Registration

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Academic and Related Regulations 2014-15 »11 June 2014

The full Academic Regulations, Regulations Concerning Students, Academic Governance and Management Regulations and Library Services and Information Technology Regulations for 2014-15 approved by Academic Board, June 14

Admissions Appeal Procedure »11 December 2013

College appeal procedure in respect of appeals from applicants whose application for admission is rejected by the College. Initially approved by College Education Committee 6 July 2011; updated and approved by College Education Committee 11 December 2013.

College-wide Interviewing Policy and Guidelines »10 May 2006

Policy and guidance on interviewing undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, approved by Academic Board in May 2006.

College-wide Interviewing Policy and Guidelines »10 May 2006

Policy and guidance on interviewing undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, approved by Academic Board in May 2006.

Core Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Degrees 2014-15 »02 July 2014

College policy on good practice concerning postgraduate research students, in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency Quality Code, B11 Research Degrees (June 2012). It has regulatory status and applies to all postgraduate research students. Updated September 2014.

Criminal Conviction Declarations (student applications) »20 June 2007

This is an updated policy statement on when the College will conduct criminal record checks, replacing the previous "Policy Statements for Criminal Record Checks on Students Studying at the College". Approved by Academic Board June 2007, updated January 2014

Direct Entry Admission to an Undergraduate Programme »01 September 2008

Form for direct entry admission to an undergraduate programme (including non-award).

Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan 2009 »13 October 2010

The College's second Disability Equality Scheme (DES) and associated Action Plan, represents changes since the first DES, changes to the College estate and approach, and input from disabled users of the College and premises, including the NUS Disability Awareness Campaign. Approved by Principal's Central Team, October 2010.

Entrance Requirements: AS and A level Policy Statements »20 June 2007

Policy statements on the acceptance of General Studies AS/A level, Critical Thinking AS/A level, and the use of unit grade information within AS/A level statements. Approved by Academic Board 20 June 2007.

Fair Admissions Policy - Postgraduate Admissions »12 June 2013

The Fair Admissions Policy - Postgraduate Admissions, approved by Academic Board June 2013.

Fair Admissions Policy - Undergraduate Admissions »19 February 2013

The Fair Admissions Policy - Undergraduate Admissions, approved by Academic Board February 2013.

Guidelines on Off-campus Study in Research Degrees »01 August 2008

Guidelines supplementing College regulations on off-campus study by research students. Approved by the Postgraduate Research Students Committee in May 2002; updated by the Graduate School in July 2012.

Policy for the Admission of Undergraduate Students Following an Examination Re-mark »13 April 2005

Approved by the Academic Board April 2005. Policy regarding the admission of conditional offer holders obtaining improved results following an appeal and re-mark.

Policy on Backdating Registration for Research Degrees »18 June 2003

Sets out the limited circumstances under which backdating of registration will be permitted for MPhil/PhD students. Approved by Academic Board in June 2003. Updated by Directorate of Research Management August 2012

Policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning »28 January 2015

This policy articulates how King's will consider the recognition of prior learning towards its awards. It will clarify the locations of responsibility, and the methods by which the institution will assess prior learning. Approved by College Assessment and Standards Committee, January 2015

Regulations: A2 Regulations for Admission and Registration 2014-15 (Academic and Related Regulations) »11 June 2014

Section A2 of the Academic Regulations 2014-15. Regulations for the admission and registration of students, including general entrance qualifications and requirements; admission requirements for undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research programmes; credit transfer; advanced students; transfer students; AP(E)L students; enrolment and registration; communications from the College; and termination of studies.

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