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Equality Objectives & Action Plan 2012-2016 »05 April 2012

The College's objectives and associated actions for the period 2012-2016 for complying with the public sector equality duty under the Equality Act 2010, published in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011.

ERF Form: Extension Request Form »27 June 2012

Extension request form and guidance notes - for use by students in requesting an extension to an assessment submission date (not examination) any time prior to the deadline. Updated October 2013 following minor revisions to guidance notes.

Estates Access Policy »01 November 2006

Approved by Estates Management Committee 1 November 2006. The policy defines the roles and responsibilities of the Estates Department in relation to the College's duty to provide access and facilities for staff, students and visitors with disabilities.

Ethical Investment Policy Statement »04 November 2008

The Policy Statement reflects the terms of reference approved for Investment Subcommittee on 4 November 2008. Updated December 2014

Faculty (Institute/School) core governance functions »01 July 2009

A summary of the core governance functions for Faculties (Institute/School) in the broad area of teaching and learning.

Fair Admissions Policy - Postgraduate Admissions »12 June 2013

The Fair Admissions Policy - Postgraduate Admissions, approved by Academic Board June 2013.

Fair Admissions Policy - Undergraduate Admissions »19 February 2013

The Fair Admissions Policy - Undergraduate Admissions, approved by Academic Board February 2013.

Feedback Guidelines for Students »01 January 2010

Guidelines on feedback for students on written work (such as exam papers or coursework essays) and other assessed activities (such as class practicals, presentations and performance).

Filming Policy & Procedure »01 July 2005

Approved by the College Committee July 2005 (updated November 2014). Policy and procedure for use of College premises and grounds for filming and photoshoots.

Financial Regulations »11 November 2009

Regulations governing the College's financial affairs approved by the Finance Committee in November 2009, incorporating amendments approved in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Last approved by the Finance Committee on 28 March 2013.

Freedom of Information Policy »22 February 2010

Approved by the Principal's Central Team 22 February 2010, updated October 2011. The policy details how the College will meet its commitments under the Freedom of Information Act.

Full EIA Template Form »13 December 2005

Appendix 3 of the Equalities Impact Assessment Guidance. Template for gathering data on policies, procedures and practices as part of carrying out equalities impact assessments.

Gender Equality Scheme and Action Plan »03 July 2007

Approved by the Council July 2007, the scheme sets out how the College intends to meet its general and specific duties under the gender equality legislation and its gender equality objectives.

Generic Marking Criteria: Taught Postgraduate »15 July 2008

Generic marking criteria for written examinations and coursework for all taught postgraduate degree programmes. Contains numerical and letter grades.

Generic Marking Criteria: Undergraduate »15 July 2009

Generic marking criteria for written examinations and coursework for all undergraduate degree programmes. Contains numerical and letter grades.

Governance Arrangements for the Administration of the Human Tissue Act at King's College London »29 May 2013

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the arrangements put in place to ensure appropriate governance of the Human Tissue Act Licence held by Kings College London. Approved by the Human Tissue Act Governance Group 29 May 2013.