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Green Transport Policy »01 November 2006

Approved by the Estates Management Committee 1 November 2006. The policy seeks to reduce the use of individual vehicles as part of a strategy to reduce carbon emissions, and supports the College's Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy.

Guidance for PGR students involvement in teaching and learning »15 May 2013

Guidelines on PGR students involvement in teaching and learning at King's. Approved by College Education Committee in May 2013; reapproved July 2014; updated March 2015

Guidance on Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination for Students »01 October 2011

College guidance to help students understand what discrimination, bullying and harassment is, what support is available at the College, and which College procedures and regulations deal with helping to ensure that students are not unfairly treated or victimised, either by another student, a member of staff or a College visitor. Updated July 2015

Guidance on the information and support to be provided to External Examiners »16 November 2011

This guidance provides Programme Board Chairs with information on the induction process that all new External Examiners should be given.

Guidance on Using the I-Score »05 September 2000

Guidance on using the I-Score system for pre-credit framework programmes.

Guidelines for Assessment Boards: Stage One Appeals »13 April 2015

Guidelines for Boards considering Stage One Appeals

Guidelines for Examiners: Plagiarism & Related Forms of Cheating »13 April 2015

Procedures for investigating cases of suspected plagiarism/cheating, dealing with minor cases, and when the College's Misconduct Regulations should apply.

Guidelines on Off-campus Study in Research Degrees »01 August 2008

Guidelines supplementing College regulations on off-campus study by research students. Approved by the Postgraduate Research Students Committee in May 2002; updated by the Graduate School in July 2012.

Guidelines on the Audio Recording of Lectures and Oral Sessions for Students with Disabilities »01 May 2007

Approved by College Teaching Committee October 2006; revised May 2007.

Health and Safety Policy Statement »10 October 2011

Statement of general policy, responsibilities and arrangements in respect of health and safety proection. Policy applies to the health and safety of staff, visitors and members of the public using its premises and facilities. Approved by the Health and Management Group, October 2011. Updated November 2014

Human Tissue Act - Standard Operating Procedure for the Creation, Retention and Destruction of Research Records »07 June 2012

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the creation and retention of research documents associated the collection of HTA relevant material. It also details the procedure for document destruction. Approved by the Human Tissue Act Governance Group 7 June 2012.

Human Tissue Act Compliance Audit for the Research Sector »06 November 2012

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the audit arrangements in place to monitor compliance with the Human Tissue Act. Revisions approved by the Human Tissue Act Governance Group 6 November 2012.

Information Security Policy »09 October 2013

The policy covers risk management, compliance with legislation, individual accountability and data security.

Initial EIA Screening Form »13 December 2005

Appendix 2 of the Equalities Impact Assessment Guidance. Form to be completed for College policies to assess whether a policy requires a full equalities impact assessment.

Interim Gender Equality Scheme 2010-2012 »14 March 2011

The Interim Gender Equality Scheme 2010-2012 sets out to promote diversity and equality of opportunity with regard to gender; support the College's commitment to targeting gender discrimination and to identify and remove any barriers to progress. The scheme succeeds the College's Gender Equality Scheme 2008 which was drafted in accordance with the Equality Act 2006. Approved by Principal's Central Team, 14 March 2011

International Strategy »01 December 2009

Summary of the College's International Strategy, approved by the Principal's Office in December 2009.