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Taught Programme Delivery

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College Timetable Policy »11 December 2013

Originally approved by Academic Board 2 March 2005; updated December 2013. Policy on timetable preparation and the allocation of teaching space.

Faculty (Institute/School) core governance functions »01 July 2009

A summary of the core governance functions for Faculties (Institute/School) in the broad area of teaching and learning.

Fair Admissions Policy - Postgraduate Admissions »12 June 2013

The Fair Admissions Policy - Postgraduate Admissions, approved by Academic Board June 2013.

Fair Admissions Policy - Undergraduate Admissions »19 February 2013

The Fair Admissions Policy - Undergraduate Admissions, approved by Academic Board February 2013.

Lecture Capture Policy »01 July 2015

This policy sets out the College?s policy on the recording of lectures, with a view to articulating the College's commitment to enshrine the usage of lecture capture technology across the institution in line with the College?s Education Strategy. Approved by College Education Committee July 2015

Module Evaluation Framework »02 July 2014

Framework for module evaluation, as approved by College Education Committee, June 2014. The framework is designed to facilitate existing good practice, and give ownership to departments and faculties of the evaluation processes, while establishing baselines which all modules must comply with.

Policy on Integrated Masters programmes »04 February 2015

This policy details out the regulatory requirements for any of the College's MSci programmes. Originally approved by College Education Committee at its meeting in February 2015.

Policy on Professional, Statutory & Regulatory Body Recognition »06 May 2015

This policy seeks to define PSRB recognition for King?s purposes. It outlines the institution?s methods for ensuring appropriate oversight of this recognition, including any periodic reviews. Approved by College Assessment and Standards Committee, May 2015

Procedures for the Approval, Modification, Monitoring and Review of Programmes and Modules 2014-15 »26 September 2014

Procedures covering the approval, modification, monitoring and review of all programmes and modules. The procedures include a section on notes of guidance and web links to templates and forms. The word version form templates can be found on the Quality and Academic Support web pages (

Quality Assurance Handbook 2014-15 »26 September 2014

The full procedures for programme approval, monitoring and review, postgraduate research degrees approval and monitoring, Core Code of Practice for Research Degrees, Core Code of Practice for Research Governance anD Dissertation Framework and and Assessment and External Examiners, along with Note of Guidance and template forms.

Regulations: A3 Regulations for Taught Programmes 2014-15 (Academic and Related Regulations) »11 June 2014

Section A3 of the Academic Regulations 2014-15. Regulations for taught programmes including, credit levels and credit values; periods of study; off campus study and credit transfer; modules and module assessment; marking schemes; personalised examination provisions; external and internal examiners; conduct of examinations; the publication of results and examination appeals.

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