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PhD Projects

PhD projects available

Acute post surgical pain model

Bioactive materials for perio treatments

Burning mouth syndrome phenotyping and genotyping, using genetics, psychometrics and imaging as potential biomarkers of ongoing pain in man

Development of novel articulations: formation of the snake jaw

Development of real time optical vascular imaging for disease diagnosis

Differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to bone and cartilage cell lineages

Directed tissue morphogenesis by modulated self-organisation of convergent extension

Epigenetic control of cell fate decisions: how to make ears from stem cells

Exosomes as biomarkers and modifiers of salivary gland dysfunction 

Exploring epigenetic control of hair cell regeneration in the ear

Genetic requirements in the neural crest

Integration of the ear: external, middle and inner

Mechanism of dental stem cell homing in response to tooth damage

Mechanisms that control epithelial cell migration

Molecular genetics of tooth replacement 

Multiphoton microscopy approach for live-cell imaging of NF-kB signalling in macrophages using FLIM/FRET

Photo activated disinfection methods

Postnatal growth of the face in skeletal ciliopathies

Recovery of function following minimally invasive treatment of salivary gland disease

Regulation of hypha specific genes in Candida albicans

Role of IL-1 family cytokines in mucosal fungal infection

Role of the Barx1 transcription factor in tooth and salivary gland development

Role of the Fat-PCP pathway during craniofacial morphogenesis

Role of the PAR-1/MARK protein in cell polarity during neurogenesis

Tissue engineering for bone augmentation in maxillofacial surgery

What are the psychometric effects of iatrogenesis?







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