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Seminar series at the Department of Developmental Neurobiology

When: 16:00 on Thursdays (unless otherwise stated)
Where: Guy's Campus, usually Lecture Theatre 2, New Hunt's House, but please check listing.

2014/15 Series
Dr Carsten Janke,
Institut Curie, Paris
The role of tubulin posttranslational modifications in neuronal function Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Beatriz Rico
Prof Michael O’Donovan,
Cardiff University.
Schizophrenia: Penetrating the Impregnable through Genetics Hodgkin Building
Anatomy Theatre
Host: Beatriz Rico
Dr Cathy Fernandes,
Modelling neurodevelopmental disorders in mouse: Deconstructing a Frankenstein's monster Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Albert Basson
Dr Aranatza Barrios,
How to succeed at finding a mate: (neural) connections are not everything, but they certainly help Lecture Theatre 1
Host: Laura Andreae
Dr Julia Kaltschmidt,
Sloan Kettering, NYC
Molecular Specialization in the Assembly of Presynaptic Inhibitory Synapses Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Guy Tear
Prof David DiGregorio,
Institut Pasteur, Paris
Synaptic mechanisms underlying multisensory processing in the cerebellum Hodgkin Building
Anatomy Theatre
Host: Oscar Marin
Prof Jeremy Green
KCL, Dept of Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell Biology
Cellular mechanisms of tissue extending and bending Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Jon Clarke
Prof James Schwob,
Tufts University.
Taking poietic license: Neurogenesis and its regulation in the mammalian olfactory epithelium Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Anthony Graham
Dr Kathy Niakan,
NIMR, Mill Hill
Mechanisms of lineage specification in human embryos and stem cells Harris Lecture Theatre
Host: Setsuko Sahara
Dr Freek E Hoebeek,
Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam
Cerebellar impact on thalamocortical networks in health and disease Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Host: Matt Grubb
Prof Lin Mei,
Georgia Regents University, USA
Synapses, muscular dystrophy and brain disorders Harris Lecture Theatre
Host: Beatriz Rico
Prof Eric Courchesne,
UC San Diego Autism Centre of Excellence
Prenatal Neural Defects and Outcome Heterogeneity in Autism Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Albert Basson
Prof Michael Crair,
Yale School of Medicine
Activity Dependent Development Prior to Sensory Experience Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Robert Hindges
Dr Leah Herrgen,
University of Edinburgh
Rapid contractions in the developing brain - a new way to dispose of damaged cells Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Juan Burrone
Prof Ali Brivanlou,
Rockefeller University
Dynamic Patterns: Self-organization of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Esther Bell
Prof Zoltan Molnar,
University of Oxford
Evolution of cortical development Lecture Theatre 2
Hosts: Clemens Kiecker & Setsuko Sahara
Prof Andrew Jarman,
University of Edinburgh
Cellular differentiation and function of mechanosensory neurons in Drosophila Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Darren Williams
Pierre Vanderhaeghen,
University of Brussels
Development and evolution of the neocortex: from stem cells to neuronal circuits Henriette Raphael Function Room
Host: Oscar Marin
Prof Gina Turrigiano,
Brandeis University, Massachusetts
Self-tuning neurons and firing rate set-points in visual cortical circuits Lecture Theatre 2
Host: The PhD students
Dr Darren Gilmour,
EMBL Heidleberg
The collective cell biology of organ formation Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Host: Jon Clarke
Dr Tobias Langenhan,
University of Wuerzburg, Germany
Adhesion-GPCRs - a novel class of metabotropic mechanoreceptors Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Host: Caroline Formstone


Dr Marco Catani,
IoPPN, King's College London
Myths and metaphors at the dawn of the connectomic era Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Uwe Drescher
Prof Jeremy Green,
UKCL Dept of Craniofacial Development & Stem Cell Biology
Cellular Mechanisms of Tissue Extending and Bending Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Jon Clarke
Prof Peter Scheiffele,
Biozentrum, Basel
Synaptic Adhesion Complexes: From Molecular Recognition Tags to Autism Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Oscar Marin
Prof Peter Kind,
University of Edinburgh
Plasticity and circuit dysfunction in mouse models of intellectual disability Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Darren Williams
Dr Simon Butt,
University of Oxford
Do GABAergic interneurons act as a scaffold for emergent neocortical network? Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Setsuko Sahara
Prof Timothy Gomez,
University of Wisconsin
Molecular control of growth cone adhesion, clutching and invasion Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Sarah Guthrie
Dr Oren Schuldiner,
Weizmann Institute, Israel
Nitric Oxide controls a switch between degenerative and regenerative phases of developmental neuronal remodelling Classroom G3, New Hunts House
Host: Darren Williams
Dr Tony Oosterveen,
Karolinska Institute / University of Leicester
Transcriptional strategies in morphogen interpretation during CNS development Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Host: Clemens Kiecker
Dr Clare Baker,
University of Cambridge
The development and evolution of vertebrate electroreceptors Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Anthony Graham
Dr Stefano Stifani,
McGill University, Montreal
Regulation of neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation in the mammalian brain Lecture Theatre 2
Host: Clemens Kiecker


2013/14 Series


8/1/14 Professor David Lyons, University of Edinburgh Cellular and molecular mechanisms of CNS myelination in vivo Harris Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guy's Campus
27/11/13 Dr Adrian Moore, Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan How do neurons create their characteristics dendrite branching patterns?
Harris Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guy's Campus
30/10/13 Professor David Clayton, Queen Mary, University of London Genome, brain and behavioural developments: studies in songbirds Harris Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guy's Campus


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