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Research groups at the Department for Developmental Neurobiology

Andreae Group
Synapse formation and autism
Bell Group
Molecular mechanisms of ectodermal specification
Burrone Group
Development of functional neuronal networks
Ch'ng Group
Information processing in neuroendocrine circuits 
Clarke Group
Cell shape and polarity during neurogenesis and brain morphogenesis
Drescher Group
Axon guidance and formation of neural circuits in the visual system
Gordon-Weeks Group
Cell biology of growth cone pathfinding
Graham Group
Neural crest and neurogenic placode development
Grubb Group
Activity-dependent maturation of brain circuits 
Guthrie Group
Development and disorders of motor neurons
Hindges Group
Neural connectivity and visual function
Houart Group
Comparative studies of CNS development 
Kiecker Group
Transcriptional control of forebrain regionalisation
Lieberam Group
Stem cells and neural circuit engineering
Marin Group
Development of the cerebral cortex in health and disease 
Makeyev Group
Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in developing neurons
Meyer Group
Functional analysis of the zebrafish visual system                    
Rico Group
Neural circuit assembly and brain disorders
Sahara Group
Mechanisms of cortical neurogenesis                          
Sousa-Nunes Group
Growth and proliferation in brain development and cancer
Tear Group
Axon guidance during development of the Drosophila CNS
Thompson Group
Development of the visual system
Williams Group
Neural circuit development in Drosophila
Wingate Group
Cerebellum circuits, cells and evolution 
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