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Psocids in the home -what are psocids? and what you can do if you find them in your home

Psocids as pests -a general account of psocids as pests in the UK and elsewhere

Psocid survey of British households 1997

Where do psocids come from?

PsocoNet -web site of Kazunori Yoshizawa containing general information on psocids and what is going on among psocid workers worldwide

Psocids, also called barklice or booklice, are small insects belonging to the insect order Psocoptera. Most species are free-living and are not pests. The small number of species that are pests most often belong to the genus Liposcelis.(photo right)

(pictures of common domestic psocids)


Liposcelis bostrychophila

actual size 1mm long

The site is run by Dr Bryan Turner who has over 30 yrs of research experience on the Psocoptera. Almost 20 yrs of that research has been focused on psocids as pests, particularly of domestic premises.

(publications list on psocids)