'Autobiografiction' may sound like a postmodern critical term, but was in fact coined in 1906, in an essay of that title by the British Edwardian writer Stephen Reynolds (1881–1919). Reynolds is best-known for his book 'A Poor Man's House' (1908) about the fishing community he lived in at Sidmouth.

You can access the original published text of Reynold's essay, and a transcript of it, by clicking on these links:

Stephen Reynolds, 'Autobiografiction', 'Speaker', new series, 15, no. 366 (6 October 1906), 28, 30

'Autobiografiction' provides a key term for my study 'Self Impression: Life-Writing, Autobiografiction, and the Forms of Modern Literature' (OUP, 2010).


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Stephen Reynolds, Fisherman
Transcription of Reynolds' Essay Max Saunders, 'Self Impression'