Welcome to King's College London Branch of UNISON


Welcome to the branch website!

Your union needs you! We're entering a new era and we'd love to hear from our members and get you involved because together we are stronger.

There are lots of ways you can contribute to your branch - some take very little time but are very effective! Would you be willing to speak to colleagues, hand out some leaflets or put up some posters? Every little helps! We'd also love to have more reps on board - you are provided with great free training from UNISON and the TUC and you will get time off of work to complete this.

Are you interested in health and safety, equalities work or perhaps helping out with some admin or social media work? We'd love to hear from you!

If you would like to contribute to the branch in any way please contact our new Branch Secretary Alex Nightingale on ext 7107 or at unison@kcl.ac.uk - It could be to be a point of contact or a rep, or officer. Remember working all togther we are stronger, as our motto says "Unity is Strength".

New to UNISON? Watch the video below why it's so important to be a member of UNISON.

Join UNISON video - YouTube

Essential cover at work UNISON YouTube video

On this site you can:

If you have any problems using the site, please email our web editor at unison@kcl.ac.uk and tell us!