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Student Wellbeing - #KCLWell


We understand that semester three, with exams and coursework deadlines and planning ahead for the long expanse of summer, can be a tiring and frustrating time, and one where your wellbeing might not be your top priority. It's because of this, however, that this is exactly the time when you should be thinking about looking after yourself the most!

This is often easier said than done, and so we've come up with a few simple events and activities for you to come along to if you're ever feeling anxious or overwhelmed, and you can find all of these below. We've also drawn together some resources for you to use, and some top tips on effective revision and examination techniques from members of the School of Law.

If you have any thoughts, or questions, about the information on this page, or any ideas about wellbeing activities for the future, contact Jack Kilker, School Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator.

Wellbeing Survey:

Over the last few weeks, we've run a mixture of different events to try and help out students unwind and take some time out of the library. These ranged from free smoothies, to movie nights, to supporting King's Wellbeing's fantastic Take Time Out campaign. Now, we're looking for your feedback on these, and on this webpage!

If you can, please take five minutes to fill out our very quick survey on the work we've done to try and enhance your wellbeing. This will help us to review our work and to shape what we do for you in the future!

Any questions, send an email to Jack Kilker, School Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator.

Revision Tips & Words of Encouragement:

A little while ago, we asked students in the School of Law to tell us what they do for self-care. Below are some of their responses, and we hope you can take some inspiration from the suggestions of your peers on great ways to unwind, recharge and put yourself first!

  • 'Play sports and don't think about your work for a while!'
  • 'Write your mood down on a piece of paper.'
  • 'Have a nap!'
  • 'Reach out and ask for help: be kind to yourself.'
  • 'Keep moving!'
  • 'Treat yourself! (Board games, food, sports, movies, video games...)'
  • 'Indulge yourself in nice food!'
  • 'Breathe with your abdomen.'
  • Listen to music that you love while revising!'

We've also been asking staff in the School of Law to share their top tips for revision and assessments, and the methods that might have helped them in the past. You can find a sample of these statements of support below...

  • '...don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Break any big task down into a number of little tasks and set yourself little (achievable) targets!'
  • 'For your brain to perform at its best and remain focussed, remember to: eat nutritious and natural foods which will slowly release energy and fuel your body over long periods of time (blueberries and pumpkin seeds make perfect snacks!); drink about two litres of water a day; sleep, as a good night's sleep helps to strengthen memories formed during the day.'
  • 'When revising a topic, take a break afterwards, then come back with a blank sheet of paper and test your knowledge and understanding of the topic without referring to your notes!'
  • 'In your revision, make sure you familiarise yourself with the statutory material to be provided in your exam... as questions are likely to demand a precise application of the text!'
  • 'Allow yourself breaks - schedule them in, so you don't miss them out; no one can study from dawn 'til dusk! And having some fun is also a good idea - a relaxed person works better than someone who is tense.'
  • 'Have confidence: you're at King's, have attended classes and have worked hard!'
  • 'Remember that we academics actually want you to do well; we are on your side.'

Support Resources:

Lastly, we want you to feel supported to tackle your workload in whatever way best suits you and your working style. When we're being put under stress, sometimes we all need a little bit of extra help to remember our motivations and to be objective about what we've got in front of us. It's also important to break-up your revision and writing with some stimulating physical and mental activities, whether that's going to the gym, watching a film with friends, or simply taking a few minutes to do some breathing exercises - whatever works best for you!

For physical activity, King's Sport are a great place to start; in particular, their BeActive programme!

For techniques to improve and maintain a positive wellbeing, or just for some tailored support, King's Wellbeing provide free coaching sessions to help you set personal goals and targets.

There's a whole array of support services available at King's - take a look and find the one that sounds most suited to your needs.

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