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Peng Wang



Peng started his MPhil/PhD project in October 2010 and advanced to PhD status in June 2011. He is working under the supervision of Professor Ben Bowling, Professor Penny Green, Professor Mary Vogel (University of Manchester), and Professor Qiu Geping (East China University of Political Science and Law). Peng has been awarded the King's International Graduate Scholarship, King's Alumni Scholarship by King’s Graduate School for his PhD studies, and a Great Britain-China Education Grant for his fieldwork in China. Peng finished his Master programme in Criminology and Criminal Justice at King’s in September 2010. He also has an undergraduate degree in law from East China University of Political Science and Law. Peng is a regular contributor to Jane’s Intelligence Review and an editor of Issues on Juvenile Crime and Delinquency (青少年犯罪问题), one of China’s top criminology journals.


Research interests include: organized crime, mafias, police corruption, private ordering, relational governance (Guanxi in China), Asian criminal groups, and the crime-terror nexus. Peng’s PhD research focuses upon organized crime and the rise of extra-legal protection in the post-Mao era. His thesis, entitled ‘The Chinese Mafia: Dark Side of Private Ordering in a Socialist Market Economy’, is a theoretical and empirical analysis of the Chinese mafia in the post-Mao period. It explores why organized crime and the mafia re-emerged after China adopted its reform and opening-up policies in the late 1970s. His thesis develops a Chinese theory of mafia emergence by synthesizing two areas of scholarships: the ‘property rights theory’ and the emerging research on private ordering.


Articles in peer-reviewed publications

Wang, P. ‘The Rise of the Red Mafia in China: A Case Study of Organized Crime and Corruption in Chongqing’, Trends in Organized crime, First published online: November 20, 2012.  

Wang, P. ‘The Chinese Mafia: Private Protection in a Socialist Market Economy’, Global Crime 12, No. 4 (2011): 290-311.

Wang, P. ‘The Crime-Terror Nexus: Transformation, Alliance, Convergence’, Asian Social Science 6, No. 1 (2010): 11-20.

Other academic and professional journal articles

Wang, P. ‘Partners in Crime: Triad Groups Move to Exploit Mainland China’, Jane’s Intelligence Review 25, No. 11 (2012): 46-49.

Wang, P. ‘Crime Clubs: Clamping Down on Criminal Networks in China’, Jane’s Intelligence Review 24, No. 5 (2012): 46-49.

Wang, P. ‘Book Review: Where There is No Government: Enforcing Property Rights in Common Law Africa by Sandra F. Joireman’, Political Studies Review 10, no. 3 (2012): 432-433.

Wang, P. ‘Divide and Conquer: Factionalised Triad Gang Spreads Its Wings’, Jane’s Intelligence Review 23, No. 11 (2011): 46-49.

Wang, P. ‘Vicious Circles - Gang Legacy of the Cultural Revolution’, Jane's Intelligence Review23, No. 8 (2011), 46-49.

Teaching & Employment Interests

Peng welcomes research and teaching opportunities in the areas of criminology and criminal justice, the crime-terror nexus, China studies, organized crime, corruption and guanxi.

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