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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

DICKSON, Robert Kirk (1898-1952), Rear Admiral

Service biography
Midshipman 1914; World War I 1914-1918; Battles of the Falkland Islands 1914; Gallipoli 1915; battle of Jutland 1916; Grand Fleet Destroyers and South Russia 1917-1918; Emmanuel College, Cambridge University 1919; Rhine Flotilla, Germany 1920; specialised in navigation 1921; Shadwell Testimonial 1924 1929; Naval Staff College 1926; navigating and staff appointments afloat in Home waters, Mediterranean, China, and South Pacific 1921-1932; Naval Assistant to First Sea Lord and Plans Div, Naval Staff 1933-1936; Executive Officer, HMS RAMILLIES 1936-1938; Cdr, RN College 1939; World War II 1939-1945; Admiralty War Room (duty Capt), Naval Staff 1939-1940; Cdr, HMS MANXMAN (Fast Minelayer) 1940-1942; offensive minelaying operations, Malta convoys, Eastern Fleet and Madagascar 1942-1943; Deputy Director of Plans, Naval Staff 1943-1944; Chief of Naval Information, Naval Staff 1944-1946; Cdr, HMS THESEUS (aircraft carrier) 1946-1948; Head of British Military Mission to Greece 1949-1951; retired 1952

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH: account of the battles of the Falkland Islands 1914; account of Gallipoli 1915; account of battle of Jutland 1916; recollections of life at the Admiralty 1939-1940; recollections of active service, HMS MANXMAN 1940-1942; account of meeting with Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer) Churchill 1943; recollections of social and diplomatic life in Athens, Greece 1949-1951; also letters from AF Sir Roger John Brownlow Keyes, 1st Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover 1941 (ref: Acc 4471)


Index terms
PLACES South Atlantic 1914; Dardanelles 1915; Balkans 1915; Balkans 1949-1951
NAMES Adm Hon Sir Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe (father-in-law by second wife)

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