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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

ERSKINE, Sir George (Watkin Eben James) (1899-1965), General

Service biography
2nd Lt, King's Royal Rifle Corps, World War I, France and Belgium 1918; Staff Capt, India 1931-1934; General Staff Officer Grade 3, India 1934-1935; Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General, Eastern Command 1937-1939; World War II 1939-1945; General Staff Officer Grade 1, 1 London Div Territorial Army 1939-1940; Commander, 2 King's Royal Rifles Corps 69 Infantry Bde, North Africa 1941-1942; Commander, 7 Armoured Div, North Africa, Italy and Normandy 1943-1944; Head of Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force Mission to Belgium 1944; Commander, 43 Wessex Div 1945; General Officer Commanding Land Forces, Hong Kong 1946; Director General, Territorial Army 1948-1949; General Officer Commanding British Troops, Egypt and Mediterranean Command 1949-1952; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command 1952-1953; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, East Africa Command 1953-1955; Mau-Mau Rebellion, Kenya 1953-1955; Operation Anvil, Nairobi, Kenya, Apr 1954; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command 1955-1958; retired 1958; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Jersey 1958-1963

IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON: Papers 1915-1964 (ref: 75/134/18), including letters home to his mother 1918-1936 (14 items); letters home to his wife 1941-1946 (137 items); memoirs of his World War II service 1942-1945; correspondence and press cuttings relating to his command of 7 Armoured Div 1943-1944; copy letters from FM Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein and Hindhead 1943-1953 (15 items); correspondence, speeches and press cuttings relating to his service as General Officer Commanding British Troops in Egypt 1949-1952; draft chapters of the South African Official War History relating to the Western Desert campaign, with related correspondence by Erskine and by Col (Richard) Michael (Power) Carver 1950-1953; correspondence, reports, lectures, speeches and press cuttings relating to his service as Commander-in-Chief, East Africa 1953-1955; PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE, LONDON: Papers 1936-1959 (ref: WO 236/1-25), including; semi-official correspondence with the Cabinet Office 1941-1950, relating to operations at Tobruk, Nov-Dec 1941, and at Mersa Matruh, Jun 1942 and


Index terms
NAMES Gen George Elphinstone Erskine (father); FM (Richard) Michael (Power) Carver, Baron Carver 1950-1953

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