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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

FISHER, Sir Bertie Drew (1878-1972), Lieutenant General

Service biography
Joined 17 Lancers 1900; South African War 1900-1902; Staff College 1911-1912; General Staff Officer Grade 3, Military Aeronautics Department, War Office 1913-1914; World War I 1914-1918; Bde Maj, 6 Cavalry Bde, British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 1914-1915; General Staff Officer Grade 2, 1 Cavalry Div, France 1915; Commanding Leicestershire Yeomanry 1915; Commander, 8 Infantry Bde, France 1918-1919; Commander, 17 Lancers at the time of their amalgamation with 21 Lancers 1922; Commander, 2 Cavalry Bde, Tidworth 1923-1927; Aide-de-camp to the King 1926-1931; Commandant, Senior Officer School 1927-1930; Brig Gen, General Staff, Aldershot Command 1930-1931; Director Recruiting and Organisation, War Office 1932-1934; Commandant, Royal Military College Sandhurst 1934-1938; retired 1938; World War II 1939-1940; re-employed as General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, Salisbury 1939-1940

LIDDELL HART CENTRE FOR MILITARY ARCHIVES: The papers of Gen Sir Walter Mervyn St George Kirke include notes by Fisher on Mesopotamia sections of World War I official history 1932 (Ref: Kirke 10/16); Kirke papers also include a joint report by Fisher and Maj Gen (Charles) Clement Armitage on Mesopotamia 1932 (ref: Kirke 10/17); the papers of Capt Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart include correspondence with Fisher 1926-1969 (ref: LH 1/284) : Fisher kept no papers of public interest (Chris Cook, Sources in British political history, 1900-1951 (Macmillan, London, 1975)


Index terms
PLACES Middle East 1914-1918
NAMES Gen Sir (Charles) Clement Armitage 1932

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