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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

FOULKES, Charles Howard (1875-1969), Major General

Service biography
Commissioned, Royal Engineers 1894; Sierra Leone 1898-1899; South African War 1899-1900; Assistant Commissioner, Anglo-French Boundary Commission, East of Niger 1902-1904; Kano-Sokoto expedition, Nigeria 1903; Commander, Ordnance Survey of Scotland 1904-1909; Commander, 31 (Fortress) Company, Ceylon 1909-1912; Commander, 'L' Company, Royal Engineers Depot, Chatham 1913; World War I 1914-1918; Commander, 11 (Field) Company, First Battle of Ypres 1914; Gas Advisor 1915; General Officer Commanding Special Bde, Chemical Warfare and Director of Gas Services 1917-1920; President, Chemical Warfare Committee 1918; Afghan War 1919; Waziristan, North West Frontier 1919-1920; Commander, Royal Engineers in Fermoy, Ireland and Director of Irish Propaganda 1921; Commander, Royal Engineers in Northumbria 1922; Deputy Chief Engineer, Southern Command 1924-1926; Chief Engineer, Aldershot Command 1926-1930; Aide-de-camp to the King 1928; retired 1930; Col Commandant Royal Engineers 1937-1945

LIDDELL HART CENTRE FOR MILITARY ARCHIVES: 32 boxes of papers, including; diaries 1901-1968 (ref: Foulkes 2); papers and photographs relating to the Boer War 1897-1901 (ref: Foulkes 3/1-12); papers and photographs relating to Sierra Leone and West Africa 1897-1902 (ref: Foulkes 3/13-22); papers and photographs relating to Anglo-French Boundary Commission, Northern Nigeria 1902-1904 (ref: Foulkes 3/23-48); papers and photographs relating to the West Indies 1902 (ref: Foulkes 3/49-54); correspondence relating to his command of the Ordnance Survey of Scotland 1904-1909 (ref: Foulkes 5); correspondence, lecture notes, photographs and publications relating to the introduction and deployment of gas, World War I (ref: Foulkes 6); photographs of the Western Front 1914-1915 (ref: Foulkes 6/1-94); photographs of northern France, Belgium and the Rhine, showing bomb damage 1919 (ref: Foulkes 6/95); papers, maps and photographs relating to the proposed use of gas on the North West Frontier, India 1919-1920 (ref: Foulkes 6/96-114); papers relating to service as Director of Irish Propaganda 1921 (ref: Foulkes 7); speeches for Special Bde annual dinners 1922-1975 (ref: Foulkes 6/115-129); correspondence relating to his book Gas 1932-1940 (ref: Foulkes 9/1-20); correspondence relating to his book Commonsense and the ARP (Air Raid Precautions) 1936-1940 (ref: Foulkes 9/21-34); draft papers and photographs relating to unpublished memoir, 'Adventures of an Engineer Subaltern' 1898-1969 (ref: Foulkes 4) BODLEIAN LIBRARY, OXFORD, typescript comments on the West African section of Foulkes' unpublished memoir, 'Adventures of an Engineer Subaltern', extracted by Lt Col L G Keevil; BRITISH LIBRARY, ORIENTAL AND INDIA OFFICE COLLECTIONS, LONDON: Correspondence between War Office and India Office Military Secretary relating to Foulkes' tour of the North West Frontier, India 1919-1920; Army Department Military Despatch No 12 1920, 'The use of gas in warfare' with reference to Foulkes: papers 1919-1920 relating to the Government of India's decision to accept the use of gas (later rescinded) (ref: L/mil/19228); PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE, LONDON: Correspondence 1925 relating to; gas warfare at the battle of Loos 1915, and translated German documents (ref: CAB45/120); ROYAL ENGINEERS LIBRARY, CHATHAM: Duplicates of the photographs held in theLiddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

: Gas: the true story of the Special Brigade (William Blackwood and Sons, London, 1934); Commonsense and the ARP: a practical guide for householders and business managers (C Arthur Pearson, London, 1939)

Index terms
SUBJECTS Boer War 1899-1900; military cartography 1904-1909
PLACES West Africa 1898-1899; South Africa 1899-1900; West Africa 1902-1904; South Asia 1909-1912; North West Europe 1914-1918; Western Front 1914-1918; Afghanistan 1919; South Asia 1919-1920
NAMES Maj Gen Thomas Herbert Fischer Foulkes (son)

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