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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

MARSHALL, Sir William Raine (1865-1939), Lieutenant General

Service biography
Joined Sherwood Foresters 1886; Malakand expedition, North West Frontier 1897; Tirah expedition, including capture of Samphaga and Arhanga Passes, North West Frontier 1897-1898; South African War with Mounted Infantry and in charge of a mobile column 1899-1902; Assistant Commandant, School of Instruction for Mounted Infantry, Longmoor 1911; World War I 1914-1918; Commander, 1 Sherwood Foresters, France 1914-1915; Commander, 87 Bde, 29 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Gallipoli 1915; Commander, 42 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 1915; Commander, 29 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 1915; Commander, 53 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 1915; Commander, 27 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 1915-1916; Commander, 3 Indian Army Corps, Mesopotamia 1916-1917; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force 1917-1919; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, India 1919-1923; retired 1924; Col of Sherwood Foresters 1930-1935

LIDDELL HART CENTRE FOR MILITARY ARCHIVES: Letters to his brother John Eden Marshall (the Hon Mr Justice Marshall, Judge in Eygptian Court of Appeal) while Marshall was holding commands in Gallipoli, Salonika and Mesopotamia 1915-1919; the papers of Maj Gen Sir Frederick (Barton) Maurice include three letters from Marshall 1917-1918, including comment, Sep-Nov 1917, on the likely duration of the war, on Marshall's appointment as General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, and an appraisal of the present situation in the Middle East (two items, ref: Maurice 3/5/51, 61), and comment, Mar 1918, on the problems of operations in the Middle East (eight pages, ref: Maurice 3/5/71)

Memories of four fronts (Ernest Benn, London, 1929)

Index terms
SUBJECTS strategy 1917-1918
PLACES Dardanelles 1915; Balkans 1915; Salonika 1916; Middle East 1916-1919
NAMES Maj Gen Edward Frederick Burnham, 4th Baron Burnham (grandson)

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