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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

PLUMER, Herbert Charles Onslow (1857-1932), 1st Viscount Plumer of Messines and Bilton, Yorkshire, Field Marshal

Service biography
Joined York and Lancaster Regt 1876; Adjutant, York and Lancaster Regt 1879-1886; Sudan 1884; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Jersey 1890-1893; raised and commanded a corps of mounted rifles, South Africa 1896; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Aldershot 1897-1899; South African War 1899-1902; Brig Gen, 4 Bde, 1 Army Corps 1902-1903; Maj Gen, 10 Div and 19 Bde, 4 Army Corps 1903-1904; Quartermaster General to the Forces and third military member of the Army Council 1904-1905; Maj Gen, 5 Div, Irish Command 1906-1909; General Officer Commanding Northern Command 1911-1914; World War I 1914-1918; Commander, 5 Army Corps 1915; Commander, 2 Army, British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 1915-1917; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, British Forces in Italy 1917-1918; 2 Army, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), Mar-Dec 1918; Army of the Rhine 1918-1919; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Malta 1919-1924; High Commissioner for Palestine 1925-1928

LIDDELL HART CENTRE FOR MILITARY ARCHIVES: The papers of Gen Sir Alexander John Godley include letters from Plumer 1901-1930 (three items, ref: Godley 3/454-545); the papers of FM Sir William (Robert) Robertson include correspondence with Plumer 1916-1918, chiefly relating to the campaign in Italy, 1917-1918 (18 items, ref: Robertson 1/21/4, 75-77, 85; 1/34/37-48; 1/36/101) IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON: The papers of FM Sir Henry Hughes Wilson include correspondence with Plumer 1920-1922 (ref: HHW); PRIVATE POSSESSION: The papers of Lt Gen Sir John Spencer Ewart, which are in private hands, include correspondence with Plumer (enquiries should be addressed to the National Register of Archives, Scotland citing the Ewart of Craigleuch papers)

An irregular corps in Matabeleland (Kegan Paul & Co, London, 1897); Francis William Sykes, With Plumer in Matabeleland: an account of the Matabeleland Relief Force during the rebellion of 1896 (Constable & Co, London, 1897)

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