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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

STURDEE, Sir (Frederick Charles) Doveton (1859-1925), Admiral of the Fleet

Service biography
Joined RN 1871; Egyptian War 1882; Assistant to Director of Naval Ordnance 1893-1897; commanded British Forces, Samoa, Pacific 1899; Assistant Director of Naval Intelligence 1900-1902; Chief of Staff, Mediterranean Fleet 1905-1907; Chief of Staff, Channel Fleet 1907; R Adm, 1 Battle Sqn 1910; commanded 2 Cruiser Sqn 1912-1913; World War I 1914-1918; Commander-in-Chief, HMS INVINCIBLE, action off the Falkland Islands, Dec 1914; Chief of War Staff 1914-1915; battle of Jutland 1916; Commander-in-Chief, The Nore 1918-1921

CHURCHILL ARCHIVES CENTRE, CHURCHILL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: Papers 1871-1925 (ref: SDEE); IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON: The papers of Adm Sir Richard Fortescue Phillimore include a four page letter of thanks from Sturdee, Nov 1915; NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM, LONDON: Correspondence relating to HMS IMPLACABLE 1924-1925 (ref: NAI/3/32); ROYAL NAVAL MUSEUM, PORTSMOUTH: The papers of Adm Sir Reginald Godfrey Owen Tupper include a single letter from Sturdee, Jan 1915, with comment on the Battle of Falklands, Dec 1914


Index terms
PLACES Falkland Islands, South Atlantic 1914
NAMES R Adm Sir Lionel (Arthur Doveton) Sturdee (son)

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