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7 June 2013 Twin research comes of age
The Department of Twin Research at King’s College London, based at St Thomas’ Hospital, celebrates 21 years of genetic research this week, highlighting key achievements and looking to the future of genetic research. The Department will celebrate this milestone with an event at St Thomas’ Hospital in London this weekend, where hundreds of twins will take part in scientific experiments for research into pain, short-sightedness, hearing loss, skin ageing and telepathy.

28 March 2013 Faster 'biological' ageing linked to age-related diseases
An international team of scientists including researchers from the Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London has found new evidence that links faster ‘biological’ ageing to the risk of developing several age-related diseases – including heart disease, multiple sclerosis and various cancers.


20 April 2012 Ageing genes discovered
Researchers identify key genes that switch off with ageing, highlighting them as potential targets for anti-ageing therapies.


16 May 2011 'Master switch' gene for obesity and diabetes
A team of researchers, led by King’s College London and the University of Oxford, have found that a gene linked to type 2 diabetes and cholesterol levels is in fact a ‘master regulator’ gene, which controls the behaviour of other genes found within fat in the body.

15 April 2011 Genes that control 'ageing' steroid identified
Eight genes which control levels of the main steroid produced by the adrenal gland, believed to play a role in ageing and longevity, have been uncovered by an international consortium of scientists, co-led by King’s College London.


22 November 2010 Genes link puberty timing and body fat in women
Researchers at King’s College London’s Department of Twin Research have discovered, as part of a large international consortium, 30 new genes that control the age of sexual maturation in women, the Journal Nature Genetics publishes today.

13 September 2010 Genes for Myopia discovered
Researchers from the Department of Twin Research at King’s College London have identified genes associated with two common eye problems, myopia and glaucoma. The findings have been published in this week’s edition of Nature Genetics.

07 September 2010 Largest ever Epigenetics project launched
One of the most ambitious large-scale projects in Human Genetics has been launched today: Epitwin will capture the subtle epigenetic signatures that mark the differences between 5,000 twins on a scale and depth never before attempted, providing key therapeutic targets for the development of drug treatments.

28 June 2010  Study of 10,000 human genomes launched
A project to decode the genomes of 10,000 people over the next three years has been launched, which will be one of the largest genome sequencing programmes ever undertaken. The project will involve data from TwinsUK Registry of twins, which is led by Professor Tim Spector at King’s College London and is one of the richest collections of genotypic and phenotypic information on twins worldwide.

20 April 2010  New test for early diagnosis of osteoarthritis
Researchers at King’s College London’s Twin Research Unit have discovered new ways of measuring metabolites in the blood which could be used to diagnose osteoarthritis earlier.

08 Feb 2010 Genetic variant linked to biological ageing
Scientists at King’s and the University of Leicester have for the first time identified definitive variants associated with biological ageing in humans.

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