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Tutors feel need to boost grades

BBC News Online 31st October 2005

Some academics at a university are saying they can feel pressurised into passing poor quality work in order to meet business targets.

The comments by tutors at Southampton Solent University were secretly filmed for a BBC Inside Out investigation.

Overcrowded prisons do not work

The Times (p22) 31st October 2005

Rob Allen, Director of the International Centre for Prison Studies at King's, suggests in his letter to The Times some ways to reduce the prison population in the UK.

Oxford self-rule hangs in balance

The Times (p20) 31st October 2005

Plans to end almost 900 years of self-government at Oxford University have won support from a leading college head.

Anti-terror legislation

Croationa Television 30th October 2005

Dr Peter Neumann, Director of the Centre of Defence Studies, has been interviewed by Croatian Television and BBC World about the anti-terror legislation and the Danish Broadcasting Company about the background of the London bombers He ahs also discussed on FOX developments in the fight against terrorism generally.

Lecturer reveals university pressure to pass poor students

Sunday Times (p7) 30th October 2005

A university whistleblower has secretly filmed meetings with senior academics at which she was put under pressure to pass first-year students whom she believed should have been thrown off their degree courses.

Slang dictionaries

Sky News 30th October 2005

The new edition of the Collins English Dictionary has listed some 1,500 new words which have come into usage in the last few years. Tony Thorne, Director of Language Centre, talked about the spate of slang dictionaries being published this year.

A degree counts for less on job market

Daily Telegraph (p1) 28th October 2005

The Government's policy of urging an ever-increasing number of young people into university - a record 400,000 this year - is failing in significant respects as graduates flood the job market, research published by the Department for Education shows.

Survey shows 11m people have taken drugs

Guardian (p4) 28th October 2005

The Guardian reveals two main findings to this survey: that 4 million people admit taking class A substances and that prison officers are responsible for smuggling into jails. Further Home Office research by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research at King's shows that heroin, cannabis, non-prescribed medication, and crack cocaine were all in circulation at the six prisons studied.

Opinion column: Alison Wolf

Times Higher (p13) 28th October 2005

In her montly column, Alison Wolf, King's Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, says that architects, in thinking of themselves as artists, too often seem to overlook the role people play in their grand designs.

Liverpool set for final China deal

Times Higher (p5) 28th October 2005

Liverpool University is close to finalising a deal to build the last foreign campus in China for the forseeable future.

Universities cool on invitation to help run new trust schools

Times Higher (p4) 28th October 2005

Universities are unlikely to want to get 'deeply involved' in running schools, the Government was warned this week as it unveiled education reform plans.

Royalties coup boosts science

Times Higher (p2) 28th October 2005

The Medical Research Council this week sealed one of the world's biggest-ever intellectual property deals, bringing British research out of the heavy shadow cast by the US.

UK leaps to global success

Times Higher (p1) 28th October 2005

The Times Higher Education Supplement has produced its world rankings for the second year running. In their table the College is ninth in terms of UK universities, 23rd in Europe and globally ranked joint 73rd: a rise of 23 places on last year.

Now Cornwall keeps its cream

Independent (Educ Supp p11) 27th October 2005

With no university, it had to watch its ablest students go elsewhere. But that's no longer the case for Cornwall says article.

Academia on best behaviour

Independent (Educ supp p8) 27th October 2005

Academics may be trained to criticise, but that doesn't excuse rudeness. Article investigates one man's crackdown on bullying.

University given 8m to create pioneering drugs unit

Financial Times 26th October 2005

The Wellcome Trust has donated 8m to Dundee University for a pioneering initiative to conduct drug development work normally conducted by pharmaceutical companies.

Lecturers target MPs over terror bill

Guardian Online 26th October 2005

The Association of University Teachers (AUT) is today lobbying MPs as the terror bill gets its second reading in the House of Commons, warning that the legislation will restrict academic freedom and create "a culture of suspicion" on campus.

Pre-natal screening

Woman's Hour, Radio 4 26th October 2005

By 2007 all pregnant women should be offered access to pre-natal screening at 11 to 13 weeks. Earlier screening for foetal anomalies is regarded by many as a positive move, but does raise ethical concerns.

Professor Jane Sandall discusses her research published this week which highlights the need for these tests to be made available with careful, non-directive counselling.

Dare to dream

Guardian Online 26th October 2005

Does the university need to be reinvented? Clark Kerr, the man who introduced free university tuition in California, once pointed out that of all social institutions, the university is among the oldest of our continuous organisations. So you'd be more likely to succeed if you innovated within it, rather than try to reinvent it completely.

The best of times, the worst of times

The Guardian (Educ Supp p12) 25th October 2005

New research is looking at the impact of a student's suicide on a university. A research project, Response and Prevention in Student Suicide, is being carried out by two professors of social work, one being Jill Manthorpe of King's.

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