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Expert says Slovakia seized low-enriched uranium

Reuters 30th November 2007

Peter Zimmerman, Professor Emeritus of Science and Security, comments on radioactive material seized in Slovakia this week.

'Police justice' now deals with more crimes than the courts

Guardian (p16) 30th November 2007

Enver Soloman, Deputy Director of the Centre for Crime and Criminal Justice Studies, said in using the police to dish out cautions and penalty notices the government had ensured more offences had been "brought to justice".
*Also appears in the Daily Mail

'Stand up for free speech' - Rammell

Times Higher (p1) 30th November 2007

In a robust defence of academic freedom, Higher Education Minister, Bill Rammell, has spoken out against 'no platform' polices, while calling on universities to clamp down on violent extremism.

HR initiatives do not boost universities' performance, study indicates

Times Higher (p6) 30th November 2007

David Guest, Professor Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management, has co-authored a report which has found that a massive investment in HR management is having no impact on universities' overall performance.

Staff loyalty key to Hefce report

Times Higher (p2) 30th November 2007

Academics must develop loyalties to their institutions as well as their disciplines as part of a wide cultural change in higher education, a high-level committee has said.

Alarm at lack of players in v-c hiring

Times Higher (p1) 30th November 2007

Universities' reliance on a small group of headhunters when seeking new vice-chancellors may be creating a limited pool for top jobs, new research suggests.

Serious crime neglected in favour of 'ticks in boxes'

Police Professional (p12) 29th November 2007

Peter Neyroud, the chief executive of the NFIA, said in a recent lecture to the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies that government targets are causing police to neglect serious crimes in favour of tackling minor offences.

Can apprenticeships close the UK skills gap?

People Mangement (p14-15) 29th November 2007

Alison Wolf, Professor of Public Sector Management, comments on how the Government's plans to boost UK skills with apprenticeships disregards labour market needs.

India rises to technology’s challenge

Times - Career (p8) 29th November 2007

When it comes to IT, however, the professional landscape in India is anything but barren. With one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India is keen to attract foreign expertise, while global firms see it as a hub of talent. The article includes a quote from King's graduate Marco Cullen.

The City's squeeze could ease the housing problem

FT (p15) 29th November 2007

London's soaring house prices are of perennial interest. Over the past year that interest has been reignited because of the impact of City bonuses and wealthy foreign buyers who have driven prices higher at the top end in large parts of central London writes Chris Hamnet, Professor of Geography.


BBC Radio 3 'Night Waves' 28th November 2007

Dr Bethan Marshall, Senior Lecturer in English Education, took part in a discussion on literacy.

Report finds neglect of Alzheimer's patients

The Telegraph 27th November 2007

Research from Institute of Psychiatry is referenced in an article about a new Altzheimer's Society report revealing neglect of elderly people with dementia in care homes.

Mutual attraction

Guardian (Educ Supp) 27th November 2007

After going through a rocky patch, Britain and the US can't get enough of each other's students.

Fee-paying schools strengthen hold on top universities

The Times (front page) 27th November 2007

Private school pupils have tightened their grip on Britain’s top universities, despite huge efforts by the Government and admissions tutors to end the social class bias in higher education.
* also appeared in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Independent

Hep-B danger

The Times (p18) 27th November 2007

Emeritus Professor J E Banatvala from the School of Medicine writes a letter on the rise of hepatitis B infections in Britain.

Junk food

BBC1 'What's really in our food? ' 27th November 2007

Tom Sanders, Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, offers his expertise on a television programme on junk food.

Science: Can we stop anti-social behaviour?

The Telegraph 27th November 2007

Professor Terrie Moffitt of the Institute of Psychiatry explains the role genetics plays in determining anti-social behaviour.

Wing collar gets tighter

Evening Standard (Londoner's Diary, p15) 26th November 2007

Ken Livingstone has thrown his weight behind plans to use the new wing of Somerset House as a research centre for the adjacent King's College.

Mental health coverage - A Shift of Attitude

The Guardian (Media Supp, p8) 26th November 2007

Mary O'Hara writes about a new report from the Institute of Psychiatry which finds that the media "grossly" exaggerates the risk of violence posed to the public by people with mental ill-health.

Líderes fracos buscam nos EUA um difícil acordo

O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil) 25th November 2007

Dr Ahron Bregman, Department of War Studies, was interviewed for an article on the Annapolis Conference and the renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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