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Toughing out a rethink

The Economist (p36, 38) 31st March 2007

An article on the Home Office reshuffle includes comment from Richard Garside, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King's.

Blair's legacy on crime

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 'The National' 30th March 2007

Professor Benjamin Bowling, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the School of Law, discussed Blair's legacy on crime and the developments in the legal system since 1997.

Alzheimer's sufferers dying in drug 'scandal'

The Guardian (p5) 30th March 2007

A class of drugs widely prescribed for people suffering from dementia is leading to the premature deaths of thousands of patients every year, according to research led by Professor Clive Ballard of King's College London. Also in the Times, Daily Mail Telegraph and BBC Online.

Spies breathe a sigh of relief over Home Office shake-up

Financial Times (P2) 30th March 2007

The change of structure for the Home Office was given a European perspective by Richard Garside, Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King's, who said that the French and Spanish interior ministries were see as 'rather sinister'.

Budget fillip lays fears of cut to rest

Times Higher (p3) 30th March 2007

Fears of a second £100 million raid on research council savings were laid to rest this week in the wake of the Budget boost for science.

Tutors despair over students

Times Higher (p1) 30th March 2007

Evidence of the deep professional conflicts faced by academics supporting students they believe are ill-equipped for degree-level study is revealed in an investigation by The Times Higher.

Sedatives danger in Alzheimer's patients

Channel 4 News 29th March 2007

Professor Clive Ballard was interviewed about his long-term study into a controversial class of drugs called neuroleptics. The research found that Alzheimer's patients being prescribed these sedatives died on average six months earlier than those who were switched to placebos.

Liam's accused in Bloc bust-up

Metro (p15) 29th March 2007

King's alumnus and Bloc Party frontman, Kele Okereke, takes a sideswipe at Oasis, continuing their long-running spat.

Why you can't mark essays with computers

Independent (Educ Supp p30 29th March 2007

Bethan Marshall, Senior Lecturer in education at King's, writes an opinion piece about marking by computer and where that leaves reliability and validity.

What do your parents do?

Independent (Educ Supp p16) 29th March 2007

UCAS is planning to ask university applicants for more details of their background and students object to the changes on the application form

Shatt al Arab waterway

Channel 4 News 27th March 2007

Richard Schofield, Lecturer in the Department of Geography, was interviewed on the Channel 4 news on the Shatt al Arab waterway. The Shatt al Arab waterway was also the subject of interviews on Radio 4’s PM Programme and Today Programme, The World Today, (World Service), Radio 5 Live, CNN and National Public Radio. Schofield explained that Iran and Iraq haven't formally outlined a legal boundary in the open water.

Algae in your diet 'can cut blood pressure'

The Daily Telegraph (p10) 27th March 2007

Small amounts of omega-3 derived from algae can help lower blood pressure, according to new research by Professor Tom Sanders, head of King's Nutritional Sciences Research Division.
*Research also reported in The Times and The Evening Standard.

King's press release related to 'Algae in your diet 'can cut blood pressure''

Today's teenagers 'are less healthy than their parents'

Independent (p11) 27th March 2007

Today's adolescents are the first generation to have grown up less healthy than their parents. Professor Andre Tylee, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, said mental disorders were increasing, but that there was little guidance on how to engage young people in treatment.

Students from India swell university coffers

Times (p29) 27th March 2007

Soaring numbers of Indian students are coming to Britain to study at university, attracted by cultural and historic ties between the two nations and heavily targetted marketing campaigns orchestrated by British institutions.

The science raid is underway

Guardian (Educ Supp p12) 27th March 2007

Article says the full impact of the Department of Trade and Industry's £68m raid on the research councils' supposedly ring-fenced budget is becoming clear.

'I just want to know what I did wrong'

Guardian (Educ Supp p3) 27th March 2007

Article asks if university applicants should be given some feedback if they are rejected.

Big spender

Guardian (Educ Supp p1) 27th March 2007

Interview with Sir Peter Lampl, British philanthropist and founder of the Sutton Trust which "provide educational opportunities for able young people from non-privileged backgrounds".

Fears for poor ahead of 2010 26th March 2007

There are fears that the poor could fall victim to South Africa's image-polishing ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Dr Deborah Potts, an urbanisation expert from King's said at the Living on the Margins conference on poverty. Dr Potts said international experience showed that when big events were hosted, authorities demolished informal settlements and destroyed the livelihoods of the poor.

Israel and Syria

The Media Line News 26th March 2007

Dr Ahron Bregman, Department of War Studies, discussed the strategic balance between Israel and Syria and the prospect for war between the two countries.

An all-consuming problem

The Times (T2 p8-9) 26th March 2007

An artcle on binge-eating includes research from Professor Ulrike Schmidt, head of the eating disorders unit at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

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