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Convictions in the terrorist trial

Sky News 30th April 2007

Dr Peter Neumann, Director for the Centre for Defence Studies, appeared on Fox and Sky News.

Harrow's Asia branch to fund UK pupils

Sunday Times 29th April 2007

Harrow is leading a drive by some of Britain's top independent schools to fund a big expansion of free places using profits from overseas offshoots.

MPs issue Euro university warning

BBC News online 29th April 2007

MPs have warned against the European Commission trying to wrestle control of higher education from member states. The education select committee has urged the government to safeguard the interests of UK universities.

Letter: Disputed science

The Observer ( p31) 29th April 2007

'We recently reviewed 72 studies on orders from six different countries and conlcuded that they do not make the mentally ill either more or less violent. They simply make no difference to rates of violence' write Dr Gareth Owen, Professor Matthew Hotopf and Dr Rachel Churchill, Institute of Psychiatry at King's.

Worst week for British Soldiers in Iraq

BBC Radio 4 'Today' 28th April 2007

This has been the worst week for British Soldiers in Iraq, Major General Sir Patrick Cordingley and James Denselow, PhD student in the Department of Georgraphy, discussed the issues.

Eating for Two

New Scientist (p7) 28th April 2007

Crucial as diet may be during the first months of a baby's life, the amount of food the mother eats during pregnancy may also count. Research by Professor Lucilla Poston's group at King's show that mice that overeat during pregnancy give birth to heavier pups.

Bids invited for mutual gain

Times Highers (p10) 27th April 2007

Academics and researchers across India and the UK will soon have the chance to bid for funding in the second round of collaborative projects aimed at transforming links between the two countries. Ukieri (the UK-India Education and Research Initiative) is a multi-million pound five year programme.

Marking advice fails to make the grade

Times Higher (p6) 27th April 2007

QAA confirms not only wide variations in guidance on classification but also that universities have poor control over examiners.

Plagiarism policy

Times Higher (letters p15) 27th April 2007

Letter from Daryn McCombe, President of KCLSU, responding to an article about the increasing numbers of international students faced with plagiarism charges.

Number of chairs up 63 per cent

Times Higher (p1) 27th April 2007

Career opportunities for ambitious academics are brighter than ever as the number of professors in UK universities continues to rise steeply, new figures show. Over the ten years up to 2005-06, the number of full-time professors in the sector climbed by 63 per cent to more than 15,500.

Pupils 'are urged to drop maths'

BBC Online 26th April 2007

Pupils are being discouraged from taking A-level maths as schools in England chase higher places in the league tables. William Shaw, Professor of Financial Mathematics, is quoted.

Time to get your hands dirty

Independent (Educ Supp p8) 26th April 2007

Article finds that it is suddenly cool to be a volunteer - and more and more students are signing up to help good causes.

Mentoring 'can help pupils win university places'

Independent (p8) 26th April 2007

Giving poorer children help through mentoring and extra classes improved their social skills and made them more ambitious, research has shown.

University applications up by 22,000 in a year

Daily Telegraph (p3) 26th April 2007

The number of students applying to university has increased by more than 22,000 in just 12 months, it was revealed today. According to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas), 446,765 people have so far applied to start full-time degree courses in September 2007.

Out-of-date NHS baby growth charts may have contributed to obesity crisis

Daily Mail (p12) 26th April 2007

Mothers are being pressurised into overfeeding their babies by health visitors using out-of-date growth charts, a new study reveals today. Lucilla Poston at King's College London is now looking for funding for a similar study in humans, to see if mothers who exercise moderately and eat a balanced diet produce leaner babies with normal appetites. In the meantime, she advises prospective mothers to try to reduce weight before they attempt to get pregnant.

Asian knife killings double in ten years

The Times (p30) 26th April 2007

Asian people are twice as likely to be stabbed or “bottled” to death as they were a decade ago, according to Home Office figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. Richard Garside, director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at King’s College London, said that the decade-long increase in killings of Asians was striking.

'Nanny State' row over parenting academy

Daily Telegraph 26th April 2007

Dr Stephen Scott, Head of the King's College London Parenting Unit, is quoted on the Government's announcement to create a new parenting academy saying it would help parents "bring the best out of their children". He also mentioned plans for an ambitious top quality research programme to find out the best ways to help children and young people achieve their potential. Coverage also in: The Guardian Society, Daily Mail, BBC News Online,This is London, Capital Radio and GMTV.

King's press release related to ''Nanny State' row over parenting academy'

Terror and human rights

France 24 25th April 2007

Dr Peter Neumann, Director of the Centre for Defence Studies, discussed the propagation of terror on France 24, the French international news channel.

Universities forced to offer maths help to new science students

Guardian 25th April 2007

Most universities have to offer remedial maths courses for new science undergraduates because they are giving up the subject after GCSE, it has been claimed.

Letters: Is a crash looming?

Evening Standard (p45) 25th April 2007

John Meadowcroft, Lecturer in Public Policy, writes about the strong demand for housing in London and argues that the one pratical long term solution is to increase supply by building new houses.

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