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Seabirds add ammonia

Nature (p2) 31st May 2007

Research by Dr Trevor Blackall, Dept of Geography, appears in the research highlights. His work shows that seabird colonies are the world's largest point sources of atmospheric ammonia.

Sustained demand

Independent (Educ Supp p2) 31st May 2007

Professor Arthur Lucas, former Principal of King's, writes a letter describing his experience of government-funded education and training in Australia.

Lecturers vote to boycott Israeli academics

Independent (p23) 31st May 2007

University and college lecturers have voted in favour of boycotting Israeli universities in defiance of their union leadership.

Should we vote for a boycott?

Guardian 30th May 2007

British academics debate whether to break links with universities and colleges in Israel. John Chalcraft, lecturer on government at the LSE says yes, while Michael Yudkin, biochemistry professor at Oxford University, says no.

Lecturers' leader warns against Israel boycott

Guardian 30th May 2007

The head of the university lecturers' union, Sally Hunt, will today urge members not to back calls for an academic boycott of Israel.

Big Brother

Sky TV News 29th May 2007

Dr Richard Howells, Reader in Cultural and Creative Industries, appeared on Sky TV News discussing Big Brother and reality television. He argued that in addition to having lost its novelty some time ago, the public were also coming increasingly to realise that as reality television, Big Brother was becoming decreasingly real.

Notes from a small university

Guardian (Educ Supp p11) 29th May 2007

Christopher Higgins, Durham's new vice-chancellor tells the Guardian about his plans to turn it into the 'Princeton of Europe' .

Are bursaries doing the trick?

Guardian (Educ Supp p3) 29th May 2007

Martin Harris, Director of the Office for Fair Access, asks if giving students hundreds of pounds has any effect on widening participation.

Cash for poor students may be switched

Guardian (p6) 29th May 2007

Universities may cut hundreds of pounds from financial incentives intended to attract more students from poorer backgrounds, and spend the money on summer schools for teenagers instead.

Maternity staffing risks

BBC Radio 4 'Today' 29th May 2007

Jane Sandall, Professor of Midwifery and Women’s Health, was interviewed on Sky News, BBC News 24, BBC Five Live and BBC Radio Kent. Her research into maternity staffing risks was also reported on GMTV and the BBC1 Breakfast news.

Babies 'at risk from use of stand-in midwives'

The Daily Telegraph 29th May 2007

The lives of mothers and their babies is being put at risk by NHS hospitals which use unqualified "maternity support workers" to do the work of trained midwives, says a report from King's led by Professor Jane Sandall of the School of Nursing & Midwifery.
*Also in The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Metro.

King's press release related to 'Babies 'at risk from use of stand-in midwives''

Support staff 'do midwife tasks'

BBC News Online 29th May 2007

Extra workers drafted in to help hard-pressed midwives could actually be putting mothers and babies at more risk, a report from King's claims. Maternity support staff are supposed to free up midwives' time by helping with paperwork and non-clinical duties. However, Professor Jane Sandall, who led the research, found some trusts try to use them to care for pregnant women, even though they are not sufficiently trained.

King's press release related to 'Support staff 'do midwife tasks' '

Health of reservists

Radio 4 PM programme 28th May 2007

A study into the health of reservists by King's Centre for Military Health Research was the subject of an interview on Radio 4's PM programme for one of the authors, Simon Wessely, Professor of Epidemiological and Liaison Psychiatry. He said improvements had been made for serving reservists.

How To Learn A Language

BBC London radio 'The Late Show' 28th May 2007

Dr Mashail Ali, Modern Language Centre, taught presenter Jumoke Fashola a few words of Arabic and discussed the reasons for an increase in Arabic uptake and difficulties of learning the language. She also explained the differences between classical Arabic and standard modern Arabic and customs in the Arab world.

Iraq reservists 'need more help'

BBC News Online 28th May 2007

Part-time soldiers and their families need more help and support before and after being sent to Iraq, according to a study into the health of reservists. One of the authors, Professor Simon Wessely of the King's Centre for Military Health Research, said improvements had been made for serving reservists. Also reported in The Times.

Oxford takes gambling king's cash

Times (p13) 26th May 2007

A casino tycoon who has long denied links to organised crime has been approved by Oxford University's ethics committee to make one of its biggest publicised individual donations.

Smokers will be fingered by prints

New Scientist ( p29) 26th May 2007

Your fingerprints will soon reveal your dirty little habits. Forensics researchers in the UK have devised a way to tell whether you smoke from the chemicals you leave behind in your prints.
Smokers' prints, including all the whorls and ridges, fluoresce due to the cotinine exuded in their sweat, say the researchers, who are at the University of East Anglia in Norwich and King's College London.

The Money Programme: The Chewing Gum Wars

BBC2 25th May 2007

Michael Redclift, Professor of International Environmental Policy in the Department of Geography at King's dicussed the history of chewing gums.

Alcohol and pregnancy

Sky News 25th May 2007

Following revised advice from the Department of Health stating pregnant women and those trying for a baby should avoid alcohol completely, Andrew Shennan, Professor of Obstetrics, was interviewed on Sky News, Channel 5 News and BBC Southern Counties. Professor Shennan argued that there is no evidence of harm from low levels of alcohol consumption.

Older students

Times Higher (p13) 25th May 2007

In her regular monthly column, Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, writes that 'Most recently, the absolute number of older students has not merely failed to increase but has gone into freefall'.

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