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Universities target foreign students

The Times (Malaysia focus report supp) 31st August 2007

Since independence, Malaysia has established many new universities and is on course to fulfill its mission to become southeast Asia's centre for education and for the Muslim world.

Gordon Brown picks 'green' chief scientist

The Telegraph (p16) 31st August 2007

John Beddington, Professor of Applied Population Biology at Imperial College, London, will succeed Professor Sir David King as the Chief Scientific Adviser. Prof Beddington specialises in the application of economics and biology in the management of renewable resources.

HSBC forced to bow to students' viral protest over overdrafts

Guardian (p25) 31st August 2007

After nearly 5,000 university graduates signed up to a Facebook group "Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Rip-Off!", HSBC promised yesterday to freeze interest on overdrafts for recent graduates and repay interest paid since July.

Friendly fire

The Times (p18) 31st August 2007

In a letter to the Editor, David Jordan, Senior Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department, corrects a previous letter about the role of RAF planes in reference to the recent 'friendly fire' incident in Afghanistan that killed three British soldiers.

For some, campus is still another country

Times Higher (p4) 31st August 2007

Students from minority ethnic groups not only obtain worse degree results than their white counterparts, they are also significantly less happy with university life, a new study reveals.

Former polytechnics spread their wings

Times Higher (p6) 31st August 2007

It has been described as both the best and the worst thing to happen to British higher education. Though some still criticise the decision to allow the former polytechnics to become "new" universities 15 years ago, most now generally accept that it was the right move and that it has helped the sector respond to 21st-century challenges.

Insufficient help leaves weak tutors floundering

Times Higher (p1) 31st August 2007

Weak university teachers do not improve over the course of their careers because they receive almost no support, new research has found.

University endowments

Times Higher (p13) 31st August 2007

Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, in her regular column notes that 'Funds selected by managers of US university endowments did nearly 14% better than the overall average'.

On the move...

Times Higher (p2) 31st August 2007

Brian Anderton, Professor of Neuroscience and Director of the MRC Centre for Neurodegeneration Research at the IoP, has been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences.

People: Jayne Lawrence

Times Higher (p2) 31st August 2007

Feature on Jayne Lawrence, Professor of Biophysical Pharmaceutics at King's, who has been appointed the new chief scientific advisor to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Community breakdown?

Local Government Chronicle (p6,7) 30th August 2007

Mike Hough, Professor of Criminology at King's, is quoted in an article about trends in anti-social behaviour and comments on the current perception of the problem.

Opening up Scotland to international students

The Scottish Government News 30th August 2007

It was announced today that funding of around £200,000 will go to 13 education institutions for projects that will help international students to stay on to live and work in Scotland.


LBC Radio 30th August 2007

Dr John Gearson, Reader in Terrorism Studies, appeared on LBC Radio discussing the British role in Afghanistan, how long the UK's military deployment might go on for and why the Taliban were proving so difficult to defeat.

Travels with our Tuk Tuk

Daily Express 30th August 2007

Feature on a 14 week trip from Bangkok to Brighton by King's medical student Jo Huxter and her friend Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent. They raised £40,000 for the charity Mind.

King's press release related to 'Travels with our Tuk Tuk'

Corporate survivor stands at crossroads

Financial Times (p16) 30th August 2007

An article assessing what the future might hold for EMI Group's former chief executive, Eric Nicoli, who holds a first-class degree in physics from King's.

Our best scientists should come home

Independent (Educ Supp (p3)) 30th August 2007

Andrew Oswald, in 'Comment' discusses the extent of our 'elite brain drain' and suggests that our best scientists should come home.

Students' Facebook protest against HSBC grows

The Independent (p21) 30th August 2007

A student Facebook campaign, "Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Rip Off", was reaching fever pitch yesterday. It aims to embarrass one of the country's largest banks into reversing its plans to cancel interest-free accounts for graduates.

Call for China's research sector to reform

Guardian Online 29th August 2007

An article reporting on China's decrease in production of science graduates despite its massive drive to promote research and development.

The Rev Geoffrey Nuttall

The Times 29th August 2007

Ecclesiastical historian and Nonconformist minister, whose work led to a reappraisal of the nature of English Puritanism, died on July 19, aged 79. On his retirement in 1977, King’s made him a Fellow and a Visiting Professor.

Nurses loth to report abuse of the elderly

The Guardian 29th August 2007

More than half of nurses would not report the abuse of an elderly person in their care, according to a survey published today. The article refers to an earlier study by the National Centre for Social Research and King's suggested that 342,000 older people living in private households are subject to some form of mistreatment every year in the UK.

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