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Adrift on growth, and a hope

The Indian Express 31st January 2008

Dr Harsh Pant, Lecturer, Defence Studies Department, writes about India's future and its status as a super power.

Academics have to juggle too many tasks

Independent (Educ Supp p3) 31st January 2008

Susan Bassnett, pro vice-chancellor at Warwick University, writes in an opinion column that universities are almost impossible beasts to manage.

Welcome to campus UK

Independent (Educ Supp p6) 31st January 2008

Britain is becoming the world's most popular destination for overseas students. Article looks at the reasons why they brave the red tape and dodgy climate.

Top employers hire fewer women graduates

The Times (p25) 31st January 2008

The proportion of women recruited by leading companies fell last year despite an increasing majority of university graduates being women

Brighter prospect

The Times (p4) 31st January 2008

Graduates on a fast track teacher training programme are to mentor bright children from deprived backgrounds in a £15 million scheme to gain skills and confidence to choose a university course, and increase numbers of university students from poor households

Allergy Alert

The Times ((p18) 31st January 2008

Letter to the Editor highlighting that twenty million children and adults in the UK suffer from allergies. Amongst the signatories were Gideon Lack, Professor of Paediatric Allergy, King's College, London and Tak Lee, Asthma UK, Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine, King’s College London

Is this a good way to cut youth crime in the capital?

Evening Standard (p7) 30th January 2008

Richard Garside, Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, argues that the stop and search on the streets of London is unfair and racist.

Schooling to age 18 'will damage economy'

Daily Telegraph 29th January 2008

Teenagers could be left without jobs under Government plans to increase the education leaving age to 18 which could also damage the economy, according to a report. Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, who wrote the report, said many companies would stop 'hiring the young' amid fears they will face 'yet another set of inspections and inspectors'.

Pay up

Guardian (Educ Supp p10) 29th January 2008

Article asks how much of the cost of research should funding bodies pay?

Logical new plan, or a 'betrayal'?

Guardian (Educ Supp p9) 29th January 2008

Tensions are surfacing over proposals to restructure the union that represents FE and university lecturers, article reports.

Vetting gets a mixed reception

Guardian (Educ Supp p10) 29th January 2008

The jury is still out on the new system for checking international postgrads 'to protect national security', article says.

Exercise makes you 10 years younger

Daily Telegraph (p1) 29th January 2008

Three hours of exercise a week can slow the ageing process and give you a body 10 years younger than a more sedentary person of the same age, say researchers in the Twin Research Unit.

(Also appears on BBC News (Web) The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Scotsman, and overseas media including The Washington Post, Seattle Times and ABC News).

King's press release related to 'Exercise makes you 10 years younger'

Exercise in leisure time prolongs life

BBC London News 28th January 2008

Professor Tim Spector, Head of the Twin Research, Genetic and Epidemiology Unit at King's College London and Dr Lynn Cherkas comment on the research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine about exercise in leisure time prolonging life

(Also appeared on Radio Five Live, Three Counties Radio and Radio London)

King's press release related to 'Exercise in leisure time prolongs life'

Miracle of the girl whose liver transplant changed her blood type

Daily Mail (p7) 28th January 2008

A teenager has become the first transplant patient to switch blood groups - at estimated odds of six billion to one. Richard Thompson, a paediatric hepatology expert at King's, said Demi-Lee's case appeared to be unique.

Great! House prices are collapsing

Times (p17) 28th January 2008

It is clear that the housing market has peaked and has begun to fall over the past few months. But rather than fearing house price falls they should be welcomed writes Chris Hamnett, Professor of Geography.

McDonald's to offer A-level equivalent

Guardian (p7) 28th January 2008

Staff at McDonald's will gain the equivalent of A-levels in running burger restaurants after the fast food giant won government approval to become an exam board. - Also reported in The Daily Telegraph p 2

University-style scheme for apprentices

Daily Telegraph (p4) 28th January 2008

School-leavers are to be guided into apprenticeships that suit their interests using a university-style clearing scheme, Gordon Brown will announce.

High court judges under new diversity rules

Guardian (p1) 28th January 2008

The government's attempt to reform the system for choosing judges to create a more diverse judiciary is failing - David Foskett (a King's alum) was listed as one of the 10 high court judges under new diversity rules.

Scientists accuse priests of spreading embryo 'lies'

Daily Mail (p21) 28th January 2008

Professor Chris Shaw, Institute of Psychiatry, refutes a statement written by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, attacking the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

Channel 4 Political Awards

Channel 4 27th January 2008

Dr Stephen Minger, Director of the Stem Cell Biology Laboratory at King's College London, comments on Politician Evan Harris for the political awards

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