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Add feed-in tariffs to the energy bill

Guardian (p33) 30th April 2008

Paul Ekins, Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy, is one of several academics who have signed a letter about the UK's position on renewable energy.

'Osteoporosis can affect six million women'

Daily Telegraph (p13) 30th April 2008

The research by a team at King's Twin Research Unit, led by Professor Tim Spector, published on The Lancet's website yesterday, is one of the first studies to identify the genes involved in the development of osteo­porosis.

King's press release related to ''Osteoporosis can affect six million women''

Science cuts 'hit UK reputation'

BBC Online 30th April 2008

The UK has been left looking like an "unreliable" and "incompetent" partner for international science, according to a committee of MPs.It is one of the conclusions in a report looking into handling of the "funding crisis" in physics research.

Cannabis: At last a U-turn

Daily Mail (p1, 4) 29th April 2008

Youngsters are to be given a stronger warning on the dangers of cannabis following a U-turn in the Home Office. The article mentions research conducted at the IoP.

British team finds two genes for osteoporosis

Reuters 29th April 2008

British researchers have identified two common genetic mutations that increase the risk of osteoporosis and related bone fractures, according to a study released by the Twin Research Unit, King's College London.

King's press release related to 'British team finds two genes for osteoporosis'

Nightmare in dreaming spires

Guardian (Educ Supp p10) 29th April 2008

Article says that a group of postgraduate students claim Oxford University does not deliver what they hoped.

Three in four aim for university

BBC Online 28th April 2008

An annual survey of youngsters shows an increasing number of them are expecting to enter higher education. The poll by the Sutton Trust education charity found 39% of 11 to 16-year-olds thought they were "very likely" and 34% "fairly likely" to go to university.

Inherited eye diseases

BBC One News and BBC News Channel 28th April 2008

Professor John Marshall, Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases (CARD), was interviewed on the BBC One o’clock News about the Department of Health considering extending trials to cover more types of inherited eye diseases. *Also shown on the BBC News Channel.

'The War on the Professions'

BBC Radio 4 'Analysis' 27th April 2008

Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, Department of Management, presented the progamme on professionals and debated their powerful and unique position.

Prof of the Week

Times (Body & Soul) 26th April 2008

Michael Linden, Professor of Virology at King's, and part of a team of international researchers who have grown human heart cells in the lab from embryonic stems cells and whose work was reported in Nature, is the Prof of the Week.

Professor McGrath to move to London

Church Times 25th April 2008

The Revd Professor Alister McGrath has been appointed to the newly created chair of Theology and Education at King's.

Medieval sexuality

BBC4 'Inside the Medieval Mind' 24th April 2008

Dr Robert Mills, Ssenior Lecturer in Department of English, discussed medieval sexuality in a programme unearthing the remarkable evidence of the complex passions of medieval men and women.

Syria's nuclear reactor

BBC 2 Newsnight 24th April 2008

Background detail on a BBC 2 Newsnight feature on Syria's suspected nuclear programme was provided by Dr James Acton, Lecturer in War Studies.

Syria's nuclear programme

Radio Free Europe 24th April 2008

Syria's suspected nuclear programme was the subject of an interviewed by Dr James Acton, Lecturere in Wars Studies on Radio Free Europe.

Iran's nuclear programme

Los Angeles Times 24th April 2008

Dr James Acton, Lecturer in War Studies was quoted in a article on Iran's nuclear programme.

Nuclear revival

BBC World Service 24th April 2008

The BBC World Service Analysis programme interviewed Dr James Acton, Lecturer in War Studies, about whether the nuclear revival also brings the risk of greater proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Publish and be ignored

THE (p30) 24th April 2008

Lack of support, poor editing, negligible marketing: the alleged shortcomings of British academic publishing are increasingly leading authors to sign up with US and mainstream imprints, says feature, which quotes Andrew Lambert, Laughton Professor of Naval History at King's.

'It's absolutely critical that we protect arts research'

THE (p22) 24th April 2008

In an interview with the THE the new AHRC deputy, Professor Shearer West, says that she is keen to avoid past errors and to engage scholars in planning ahead.

Probation cuts lead to criminal sentence lag

Daily Telegraph (p11) 24th April 2008

Thousands of criminals are not completing their sentences properly because of funding cuts at the Probation Service, a new report from the Centre for Crime & Justice Studies warns. Roger Grimshaw is quoted.

Smith did not share Hume’s view

FT (p14) 24th April 2008

Alex Callinicos, Professor of European Studies, responds to a letter from Wilfred Beckerman on the Stern review.

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