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Wellcome Trust awards 2.5m for research into Biomedical Ethics

British Medical Journal 30th June 2008

The Wellcome Trust has made three awards totalling 2.5m to groups based at King's College London and Oxford University for studies into attitudes towards research involving human embryonic stem cells, drug addiction and criminal responsibility, and the use of financial incentives in UK Health Care.

Top private schools shun 'too complex' diplmoma programme

The Guardian (p2) 30th June 2008

Leading private schools are refusing to adopt the government's new diploma qualification because it is too complex, confidential reports seen by the Guardian reveal. The independent schools' decision to opt out comes despite a number of incentives offered by ministers, and may damage state-educated pupils' chances of getting into the best universities.


BBC World Service - Health Check 30th June 2008

Dr Neil Greenberg, Institute of Psychiatry at King's, is interviewed for an item discussing the new psychological method against PTSD which prepares troops for return from the frontline.

The A-level marking scandal

The Sunday Times - Education p10 29th June 2008

Thousands of children every August open their results envelopes to uncover astonishing GCSE and A-level grades. Twenty-three thousand GCSE and A-level grades had to be changed last year.

Universities told to favour poor schools

The Sunday Times (p3) 29th June 2008

Universities are to be told to give preferential treatment to pupils from poorly performing state schools in a move that is likely to anger independent schools.

The mental health units that shame the NHS

Observer (p14) 29th June 2008

Professor Dinesh Bhugra, Institute of Psychiatry at King's and next president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, comments on the "unacceptable" state of the nation's mental health wards.

10p tax action

BBC Radio 4 'Money Box' 28th June 2008

A report by MPs which says that Alistair Darling must do more to help the 1.1m low-income households still losing out as a result of the scrapping of the 10p tax rate, was discussed by Anne Redston, Visiting Professor of Tax, on Radio 4's Money Box programme.

People are too afraid to report gun crime

Daily Telegraph (p15) 28th June 2008

A study of data on firearms-related offences by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS) said many victims were reluctant to alert police.
*Reported on BBC Online and widely across local press.

MPs launch inquiry into university standards

The Independent (p11) 27th June 2008

MPs are to launch an urgent inquiry into standards in British universities in the wake of allegations revealed in The Independent that lecturers face pressure to "mark softly" to ensure a high ranking in league tables.

Institutions limit access to anti-cheat software

THE (p7) 26th June 2008

Universities are introducing policies to limit students' access to plagiarism detection software amid concerns that some of them are abusing the system to cover up their copying.

Deal to improve researchers' career prospects fails to gain UCU support

THE (p7) 26th June 2008

A new agreement drawn up between vice-chancellors and funding bodies to support the career development of researchers has failed to win the backing of the main academics' trade union.

Blind faith in metrics is 'unfounded'

THE (p4) 26th June 2008

The faith being placed in the use of statistics to provide accurate judgment of the quality of academic research is "unfounded", says a group of leading international statisticians.

Postcode lottery blocks free IVF to infertile couples

Evening Standard 26th June 2008

Professor Peter Braude who headed an official consultation into multiple births, accused the Government of ''hypocrisy''.

'Do some careful research'

The Independent 26th June 2008

Explanation of the UCAS extra service which is a scheme allowing students who have been unsuccessful in finding a university place of their original choices to pick additional options one at a time. The aim of the service is to give students more choices in choosng courses and to relieve the pressure on universities coping with clearance.

Degree Concern

The Independent (Education & Careers) 26th June 2008

Peter Williams, Chief Executive of the Quality Assuarnce Agency has broken cover to give his views on degree standards.


THE (p21) 26th June 2008

Daniel Freeman, IoP, has received the 2008 May Davidson Award from the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology.

Grant winners- The British Academy

THE (p19) 26th June 2008

Dr Nandini Chatterjee, Department of History, has been awarded 234,044 for study into presonal laws in the British Empire - a comparitive history.

Wealth-making is all about location, location, location

THE (p16) 26th June 2008

A university's ability to generate wealth is determined less by the expertise of its academic staff than by its location, research suggests.

Dimbleby charity funds centre

THE (p13) 26th June 2008

A charity set up in memory of Richard Dimbleby has funded a new cancer research centre. Scientists at the Richard Dimbleby Laboratory of Cancer Research at King's will focus on translating basic research into molecular diagnostics for cancer drugs.

Kids missing breakfast

Heart 106.2 26th June 2008

Professor Tom Sanders, Head of Nutritional Sciences Division, said that youngsters who skip breakfast are missing our on some vital nutrients that can effect their attention span and the way their bones develop.
* Also on the BBC London Breakfast Show and LBC 97.3 FM Nick Ferrari show.

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