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Drug produces the benefits of exercise without all the hard work

Guardian Online 31st July 2008

Scientists are testing drugs that they claim will produce the benefits of exercise in muscles without the hard work. Professor David Cowan, director of the Drug Control Centre, whose laboratory is accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, said WADA was keeping an eye on the research. But he added: 'It is a big step from mouse to man.'

British Academy Fellows

THE (p21) 31st July 2008

The new Fellows of the British Academy are announced including Professor Roger Parker of the Department of Music at King's.

Name: DIUS. Year: 1. Shows willing but could do better ..

THE (p8) 31st July 2008

Feature assesses the sector's response to the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills one year on from its inception.

Lecturers' feedback efforts 'misguided'

THE (p6) 31st July 2008

Lecturers' efforts to help their students by providing detailed written feedback are "completely misguided", an expert on student learning warned this week.

Report sets out new vetting system for research staff

THE (p4) 31st July 2008

A new research integrity body, which would have powers to investigate allegations of misconduct and create a database of cases to allow universities to vet would-be academic staff, could soon be in operation.

In care and in the loop

Independent (Educ Supp p8) 31st July 2008

Article finds that a rising number of care-leavers are going to university and highlights some of the success stories

The Treasury is wrong about RAE reform

Independent (Educ Supp p3) 31st July 2008

Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, writes an opinion column about the Research Assessment Exercise in which he says the product being made in research universities is particularly tricky to assess.

UK is second in the world at research

Guardian Online 31st July 2008

UK scientists publish more research than any other country in the world except the United States, the science minister will say today.

UK drugs policy 'has no impact on supply'

The Independent (p6) 31st July 2008

Law enforcement has 'little adverse effect' on the availability of drugs in Britain, new research claims. A report written by Tim McSweeney, Institute for Criminal Policy Research, from the UK Drugs Policy Commission published yesterday said drug markets were extremely resilient.

UK student visa must be sponsored

BBC Online 30th July 2008

Students coming to the UK from overseas will have to be sponsored by a college licensed by the UK Border Agency, under Home Office proposals.

The filthy air conundrum

BBC News Online 30th July 2008

Beijing is taking drastic measures to improve its air quality in the run-up to the Olympics. Frank Kelly, professor of environmental health at King's College London, says the worst case scenario is "very, very low winds, high atmospheric pressure, an anti-cyclone building up above the city - it acts like a saucepan with the lid on".

Foreign students to be given longer stay

The Daily Telegraph (p1-2) 30th July 2008

Ministers will also unveil a crackdown on bogus colleges which are used as fronts for illegal immigration by foreign students who want to get into the UK.

Hand hygiene alone won't stop MRSA, says RCN

Nursing Times 30th July 2008

The Royal College of Nursing has warned that hand hygiene alone will not reduce healthcare associated infections.These were the findings of the Impact of Organisation and Management Factors in Infection Control in Hospitals report by King's College London, commissioned by the RCN.

Teenagers 'misled over new diplomas'

The Daily Telegraph (p6) 29th July 2008

Pupils are being effectively conned into taking new-style diplomas with the false promise of getting into a good university, Andrew Broadhurst the chairman of the teaching union Voice said yesterday.

Talking with Tehran I: Drawing a red line

International Herald Tribune (p4) 29th July 2008

The Bush administration's decision to open direct contacts with Iran is to be welcomed, but precisely because it marks such a break with previous U.S. policy, it also carries a great danger writes Professor Anatol Lieven, Department of War Studies with Trita Parsi.

Learning to love the polys

Guardian (Educ Supp p4) 29th July 2008

Performance tables put successful diversity at risk, says Estelle Morris, former minister and pro vice-chancellor of the University of Sunderland, in an opinion piece.

Demencia: grave en Latinoamerica

BBC Mundo - Spain and Latin American network 28th July 2008

The 10/66 Dementia Investigation group headquartered at the IOP, King's latest research paper published in the Lancet, is covered in this article on increased yet badly underestimated dementia rates in Latin America and globally.

Can we afford to fill up?

Panorama 28th July 2008

The Government's policy on fuel costs and possible alternatives was explored by BBC1's Panorama programme. Paul Ekins, Professor of Energy and Environment Policy, was interviewed.

Sandwiches Unwrapped

Dispatches 28th July 2008

Channel 4 Dispatches programme investigated the British sandwich industry and revealed what really is in the nation's popular 'lunch-on-the-go'. Tom Sanders, Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, was interviewed about the health implications of sandwiches which were high in salt and fat.

A-level exams should start at Easter, says admissions chief

The Independent (p14) 28th July 2008

Bringing exams forward to Easter would restore the credibility of A-levels by allowing the brightest pupils to be selected for university places, according to Cambridge University's head of admissions.

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