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Globe careers

Globe & Mail (Canada, p40) 31st October 2009

A new study has found that the reason why the proportion of women who reach the executive ranks has hardly changed, is 'gender fatgiue'. The research was led by Dr Elizabeth Kelan from the Department of Management.

Chief drug adviser sacked over cannabis stance

The Guardian (p6) 31st October 2009

Alan Johnson, the home secretary, has sacked Professor David Nutt as senior drugs adviser after the scientist renewed his criticism of the government's decision to toughen the law on cannabis. The decision follows the publication of a paper by the Centre for Crime and Justice, based on a lecture Nutt delivered in July.*This was covered by all the leading newspapers in the UK.

King's press release related to 'Chief drug adviser sacked over cannabis stance'

US-style liberal arts degree at UCL

Financial Times (p4) 31st October 2009

UCL plans to introduce a US-style liberal arts degree, in an experiment that challenges the dominant UK model of highly specialised syllabuses.

Is Indian 'soft power' in Afghanistan working?

Japan Times 30th October 2009

Article by Dr Harsh V Pant, Lecturer in the Department of Defence Studies, about India's role in bringing stability to the region and the responsibilities expected of a global stakeholder.

Professor David Nutt

Channel 4 News 30th October 2009

Richard Garside, Director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies was interviewed on Professor David Nutt's dismissal over comments on cannabis policy.

Sushi, cocktails and male escorts ... the Women's Institute, inner-city style

Evening Standard (p25) 30th October 2009

Last week students at King's College established the capital's second campus branch of the Women's Institute (WI).

University cuts 15 bedrooms from new accommodation plans... now only 798

South London Press (p7) 30th October 2009

An article about plans to improve the halls of residence at Champion Hill, Denmark Hill Campus.

Universities have not earned tuition fees, David Willetts tells NUS

The Times online 30th October 2009

Universities have failed to earn the right to charge £3,000 a year in tuition fees, David Willetts, the Shadow Universities Secretary, said yesterday. He told students that if the issue arose now he would probably not vote for higher fees.

People need to be taught about the risks of using

The Guardian (Comment is free p35) 30th October 2009

Professor Robin Murray, Institute of Psychiatry, discusses this week's commentary on the call for a new 'index of harm' to warn the public about harmful substances.

Health fears for returning soldiers

The Telegraph (p5) 30th October 2009

Piece focussing on returning troops hit by alcohol abuse and depression. Dr Amy Iversen and collegues from the King's Centre for Military Health based at the Institute of Psychiatry comment.

Letter: Time to enforce equal pay pledge

The Guardian (p37) 30th October 2009

A letter from signatories including Aileen McColgan, Professor of Human Rights Law, about the gender pay gap.

Universities face cut in historic building fund

The Guardian (p10) 30th October 2009

Prestigious universities face a £40m funding cut under government-backed plans to scrap a budget that pays for the maintenance of their historic buildings.Oxford, Cambridge and King's College London will be worst affected by the proposals.

Concern over student digs expansion plans

Southwark News (p14) 29th October 2009

An article on plans to expand Champion Hill.

Iran's nuclear exports

BBC World News (TV) 29th October 2009

Professor Wyn Bowen from the Department of War Studies commented on Iran's response to the proposal on shipping nuclear material to Russia for further enrichment for its research reactor.

Gulf War Syndrome

BBC Radio 4 'Leading Edge' 29th October 2009

Though not used against people as a bomb since 1946, uranium hit the headlines again during the first Gulf War, when it was used in armour-piercing shells due to its high density. Professor Simon Wessely, Director of the Centre for Military Health Research, discussed the consequences and about his theory for the cause of Gulf War Syndrome.

Friedbert Pflueger spricht als Professor

BILD (Germany) 29th October 2009

Dr Friedbert Pflueger, Visiting Professor in the Department of War Studies, gave his introductory lecture on Human Rights Policy - The Power of Principle at the College.

Genes key in compulsive urge to hoard

Reuters India 29th October 2009

People who have a compulsive urge to collect and clutter their homes with junk can partly attribute their problem to genes, a new study led by Dr David Mataix-Cols from the Institute of Psychiatry.

A funny sort of welcome

THE (p37) 29th October 2009

Complex new visa and immigration regulations are in danger of sending out the wrong message to foreign students and academics. The article includes a comment from Esther Meyerson, head of recruitment.

Health and the human touch

THE (p14) 29th October 2009

The Centre for Humanities and Health has opened at King's College London, bringing together specialists from the fields of literature, philosophy, film studies, history and health.

‘Programme Is Great Credit To Brunei'

Brudirect (Brunei, web) 29th October 2009

The Department of Dental Services started a Dental Hygiene and Therapy training programme three years ago, with the professional and technical support from King's Dental Institute. Professor Nairn Wilson, Dean of the Dental Institute, spoke at the Convocation ceremony of the first graduates in Jurong.

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