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What part should universities play in fostering academic talent?

Guardian (Web) 30th April 2012

David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, has suggested that more universities should follow the example of the medical school at King's, that holds an extended medical degree programme.

Killers of beheaded Briton in Pakistan 'to release video'

Channel 4 News (Web) 30th April 2012

Professor Anatol Lieven, War Studies, comments that kidnapping in the region Baluchistan, Pakistan, has been happening for a while, but killing westerners is rare. He said: 'There are bandit groups, but in the past, they were careful not to kill westerners, although this could be bungled on their part.'

Scotland would become like Greece after independence, says academic

The Times (Scotland) 30th April 2012

Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Institute of Contemporary British History, commented that an independent Scotland would have the same relationship with the Bank of England as Greece has with the European Central Bank. London would continue to exert considerable control over Scotland's finances even after independence. Also featured by the Daily Mail (Scotland).

UKIP is giving Englishness the voice it craves

The Times 30th April 2012

Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Institute of Contemporary British History, writes that it is unsurprising that the Lib Dems have plummeted in the polls.

Doubling of maternal death rate blamed on shortage of midwives

The Independent 30th April 2012

Dr Susan Bewley, Medicine, said that the number of maternal deaths was small relative to the numbe rof births, but maternal mortality was a sensitive measure of healthcare quality.

Flares of brilliance

New Statesman 30th April 2012

Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Institute of Contemporary British History, reviews Dominic Sandbrook's book -Seasons in the Sun: the Battle for Britain - and comments 'Sandbrook bids fair to put other historians out of business; however quality has been sacrificed in the search for speed'.

Drug use linked to nerve circuits

Press Association 29th April 2012

Professor Gunter Schuman, Institute of Psychiatry, leads the IMAGEN consortium which found that drug use is linked to specific nerve circuits in the brain.

Agni-V missile test moves India past its old rivalries

The National 29th April 2012

Dr Harsh Pant, Defence Studies, saus that 'the real problem in India-Pakistan ties today is not Pakistan's nuclear capability but the reluctance of the Pakistani security establishment to unequivocally renounce terrorism as an instrument of state policy'.

Mary Beard Classicist with the common touch

The Observer 29th April 2012

Professor Mary Beard, a Cambridge academic and presenter of new BBC2 series, Meet the Romans, lectured in classics at King's.

Return of the startechies

New Scientist 28th April 2012

Dr Paul Lewis, Management, who has researched the role of university technicians, comments that 'technicians contribute their own intellectual insight' when working with scientists or engineers on an experiment or new piece of equipment.

Epigenetic changes linked with ageing

New Scientist 28th April 2012

Academics within the School of Medicine have discovered that 490 genes linked with ageing showed signs of epigenetic change.

Creative industries link up at Cr8net (Web) 27th April 2012

At the Cr8net conference, Professor Andy C Pratt, Culture, Media & Creative Industries, was quoted 'Failure is great. Without failures you don't have successes' - which many of the speakers echoed.

Bullied Children 'Three Times More Likely' To Self-Harm

Huffington Post 27th April 2012

The article looks at the recent Institute of Psychiatry study on children being bullied and their three fold likelihood to self-harm, published today on led by Dr Helen Fisher, Institute of Psychiatry.
*also featured on SkyNews, SkyNews Radio, ITV News, Medical Observer, International Business Times, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Metro, Hindustan Times, Times of India, amongst others.

King's press release related to 'Bullied Children 'Three Times More Likely' To Self-Harm '

Experts: Mass killer Breivik likely not insane

The Guardian 27th April 2012

Professor Simon Wessely, Institute of Psychiatry, comments on the misconceptions of mental illness in the context of the Anders Breivik trial following the mass shooting in Norway, September 2011.
*also in BBC News, Time, Fox News, ABC News, Arab Times (Kuwait), Associated Press, Sky News, CBS News, amongst others.

King's press release related to 'Experts: Mass killer Breivik likely not insane'

Research into childhood diabetes cure

BBC Radio 4 26th April 2012

Mark Peakman, Professor of Clinical Immunology, believes that the problem with Type One Diabetes lies in the immune system. He also added: 'In 90 per cent of cases, Diabetes comes out of the blue and is a shock to the system for families'.

Rogue DNA could trip the heart

New York Daily News 26th April 2012

DNA from the heart's own cells may unwittingly activate the body's immune system, tripping the heart, according to a study by scientists from King's and Osaka University Medical School in Japan. Also reported by Asian Age.

It can spy and also do a hundred humdrum things

The Hindu 26th April 2012

Professor Bhupendra Jasani, War Studies, remarked that a radar satellite is 'a very powerful instrument' for detecting naval movements; and that they could even pick up the wake of submarines moving below the surface.

'Overreacting' managers take impact too far, debate hears

Times Higher Education Supplement (Web) 26th April 2012

The overreaction of university managers to the impact agenda is narrowing the kinds of research scholars feel able to carry out, academics have warned. Professor Ann Thompson, English, commented managers' injunction to academics to pursue
'the kind of research that brings in money' meant 'you can't let your best staff go off and do what they want' because they might not generate enough case studies.

How Zoellick beat World Bank hoodoo

Daily Mail 26th April 2012

Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, is currently considering an offer from King's to help establish a new school that seeks to link security and economic issues.

Google backs online forum for ex-terrorists

The Daily Telegraph 26th April 2012

The search engine Google, has backed a project to put reformed terrorists and ex-violent radicals in touch online in an effort to combat extremism worldwide. Tim Stevens, a PhD student in War Studies, comments Google is under pressure from governments and private lobbies and warns 'Google will need to be careful about being drawn into such a highly politicised area'.

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