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Advanced Software Engineering MSc

The MSc in Advanced Software Engineering has equipped me with a unique ability to design system solutions that can be migrated across a variety of platforms, a skill that translates seamlessly into working environments. Course components taught by industry leaders in computing ensure exposure to state-of-the-art concepts and equipments.
My skill-base has been enriched as a result of taking advantage of some of the available opportunities. As a course representative I have improved my communication and organisational abilities. A distinct sense of ownership has also been developed through my committee membership of the Post Graduate Network where every input I profer is acted upon. These skills have all lent heavily to my responsibilities as a committee member of the British Computer Society.

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Iman Poernomo
Iman Poernomo
Advanced Software Engineering MSc

My research and teaching focuses on software architecture. Software architecture concerns the coarse-grain structure of a system: how the system should be broken down into different components and how these components should be connected. A software architect's job is analogous to that of an architect in building construction: just as an ordinary architect develops a blueprint for a block of apartments and then hands it over to the engineers and builders for construction, the software architect develops an overall plan for the structure of the system which is then passed over to the code monkeys for implementation.
King's is a great place to work and study, and it's central location makes for innumerable pleasant distractions if you need a break from thinking about architecture. The Department of Informatics has a faculty of highly intelligent but also very likable academics. It is a medium sized department, which I think makes the student experience a somewhat more user friendly one than at a larger place. If you are interested in improving software quality, King's is the place for you!

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