Aesthetic Dentistry




Distance Learning

| Admissions status: Open
An innovative programme offering dental practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high quality functional dental restorations with optimal aesthetic value. Focused on providing dental care where there is a clinical need to restore oral health and function, the course also covers cosmetic and facial techniques. The face-to-face training is taking place in either London or Sydney.

Dentistry graduate class
  • Renowned centre of international excellence for teaching and research.
  • Pioneers of teaching dentistry through a blended learning approach, with over 20 years experience.
  • Face to face training in years one and two to learn and adopt latest techniques.
  • Delivered by a team of academics, many of whom are world-leaders in their field.
  • Contributes towards continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Opportunity to network with other Distance Learning students.

A sample of the course is available in the Taster

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Programme leader/s
Prof Brian Millar & Dr Subir Banerji
Awarding institution
King's College London
Credit value (UK/ECTS equivalent)
UK 180/ECTS 90
Three years (January 2015 start).
Study at home using flexible learning materials, as well as compulsory attendance at an intensive face-to-face course in years one, two and three in the UK or Sydney, Australia.
Student destinations
It is expected that graduates will continue in general practice offering a higher standard of clinical care with an increased confidence and ability. They might also use the programme to enter independent practice.
Year of entry 2014
Offered by
Guy's Campus