Political Economy of the Middle East




Part Time, Full Time

| Admissions status: Open
The programme is ideally suited to anyone with a degree in International relations, economics, politics, international political economy and Middle Eastern studies. We also welcome recent graduates from other disciplines in the humanities, the social sciences and law, as well as those from a professional background.

The MA in Political Economy of the Middle East attracts a cosmopolitan mix of students from around the world who value the academic, social, economic and cultural appeal of one of Europe's most dynamic cities. The MA is taught by experienced research-active staff with a passion for knowledge and critical thought, and may be able to draw upon the expertise of academics from several leading departments such as European & International Studies. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of the political systems and regimes and their approaches to economic development, as well as equipping them with the relevant intellectual tools for postgraduate studies in the political economy, politics and economics of the Middle East and North Africa region.


The programme offers an in-depth analysis of major scholarly debates in the political economy of the region through a range of interdisciplinary approaches on the core module (political economy of the Middle East, theory and practice) and then chooses from a wide range of specialist modules covering specific regions or issues relating to the politics and economics of the Middle East (political economy, economic relations, trade policies, globalization and business, politics of development, and welfare).

Programme leader/s
Dr Ashraf Mishrif (Senior Lecturer in Political Economy, Middle East & Mediterranean Studies programme)
Awarding institution
King's College London
Credit value (UK/ECTS equivalent)
UK 180/ECTS 90
One year FT, September to September.
Strand Campus.
Student destinations
We expect students to go on to research in the Department of Middle East & Mediterranean Studies or another department; others may go into teaching, journalism, or the financial sector, diplomatic service and NGOs.
Year of entry 2015
Offered by
London South Bank