Doctorate in Healthcare (Pharmacy)




Part Time

| Admissions status: Open
To apply for most of our postgraduate programmes at King's you will need to complete our postgraduate online application form. A minority of programmes have a different application procedure which will be outlined below. Applying online makes applying easier and quicker for you, and means we can receive your application faster and more securely.
King's does not normally accept paper copies of the postgraduate application form as applications must be made online. However, if you are unable to access the online postgraduate application form, please contact the relevant admissions/School Office at King's for advice.

If you have already applied to King's through our online application form you can check the status of your application by logging into myApplication myApplication

Your application will be assessed by two academics and you will be invited to attend an interview. You are welcome to call the department to arrange a visit; we aim to process complete applications in four weeks, but over holiday periods applications may take longer to process.

Please give details of your current areas of practice. A personal statement and full transcripts for all degrees you have undertaken are required. Please also list A-level subjects and the grades achieved. The transcript for each degree should list all modules taken and the grades achieved on each.
You also need to provide information of research you have undertaken to date and also a descrtption of the research area you would wish to pursue throught the doctorate programme.

Employer or self-funded.

Closing date
Not running academic year 2012/13
5 PT.
PT Home/EU: £2,487 (2013)
PT Overseas: £8,003 (2013)
Guy's Campus