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Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis MSc

After gaining some experiences in different sectors in business in Jordan, I came to the conclusion that, the HR is the right field for me that will advance my career path in future, then I have decide to pursue my Master’s degree in Human Resource Management to gain more in-depth knowledge and skills in order for me to go to the next level with my future career.

As a result, King’s College London was my first choice to pursue my Master degree, one of the reasons why I chose King’s was because of their outstanding reputation worldwide being one of the Russell leading group institutions in UK. The quality of teaching and academic expertise is very high.

The faculty staff members are very friendly and helpful with their advices. In addition, the university has added value to my communication skills as I’ve had the opportunity to interact with multicultural students on the course, they have helped in gaining a vast in-depth knowledge and practical experience by inviting leading firms in the UK to share with us how they implement HR functions in their companies. These opportunities are what make an academic experience of studying at King’s very attractive.

The Faculty of Management in which my masters was placed, is based at the Waterloo Campus located right in the middle of London between National Film Theatre & London south Bank. This faculty has its own library service where you will find everything you need related to your studies, and staff members are available to assist and help with any inquiries you might have. Furthermore, the student life in London is extremely attractive with so many activities, discounts, cultural events and endless entertainment activates.

During my course, I have managed to get useful tips & advices from the career services and have attended several career fairs hosted by King’s College. As result of these services, I have succeeded in getting an internship with a leading firm in London to work with them for several months in public relations.

After I graduate from King’s my plan is to get professional experience in Human Resources with the top leading companies and to gain extra professional qualifications in HR such as “CIPD”, which will help me in my long term future plans in setting up my own business firm in the consultancy industry.

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