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Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis MSc

Offering the exact programme I aspired to study, King’s College was one of my first choices. From the numerous acceptance offers I received, I chose King’s and now more than ever I am sure that I have made the right choice. With its central location in London, it is within easy access to the libraries, tourist attractions, museums, and several affordable accommodation areas in its vicinity.

When I am researching human resource related theories I usually find myself quoting my worldly renowned and well-published professors. What has significantly made my experience a positive one is the personal relationship and easy access to these professors. Even with their busy schedules they always make the effort to give you enough time to discuss issues, ask questions or seek career advice.

Aside from my studies I attend several social events such as the fashion show organised by King’s, all of which are really enjoyable and a lot of fun. There is always something going on; a conference, a career fair, an entertainment event or a concert, which makes it a very lively place to be.

The advantages of living in London are numerous. There are cultural and entertainment centres wherever you go and whenever you need a break from studying you can easily find some entertainment. Living in London can be expensive for students, but we do benefit from many discounts in shops and theatres and reduced travel costs.

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