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International Marketing MSc

In coming to King’s my plan was to broaden my knowledge of marketing and communications, and to apply it in practice. I have achieved that but what came with it was the chance to live and study in a truly international environment. I have also met some incredible people here and the gained the invaluable instinct to question every idea that I encounter. I heard the words “critical thinking” from my first days at King’s. Critical thinking is linked with the challenge of developing a multi-faceted way of thinking. These are the best assets I have gained during my master’s programme.


I have had the chance to develop my leadership skills by taking on new responsibilities at King’s. I am the Student Representative for the International Marketing class on the Teaching Committee. This role has taught me not only to listen to my colleagues’ suggestions and share their thoughts with the Committee but also shown me how to build a community - from our Facebook group to our leisurely barbeque escapes! I have also joined SIFE, the KCL Finance Society and Business Club. Through the club activities and my part-time job as a Student Ambassador, I haven’t changed the world but I know these different roles have changed me for ever.

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