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Global History MA

The advantages that both King's and the city of London have to offer are unparalleled. From an academic standpoint, the world class faculty, renowned international student body, and London's unrivaled research libraries promote innovative scholarship. Additionally, London provides an opportunity for King's students to broaden their horizons and discover new things about themselves!

Considering its central location, one has to appreciate the campus and the adjoining facilities that King's provides. I use Bytes Café, Kinetic Fitness Center, the Open Learning Center, History Department facilities, and a University of London Library at least five times a week each.

King's does a great job of offering international students convenient housing situated in central London and close to campus facilities; living in Stamford Street has allowed me to become comfortable in the heart of London.

London stands as one of the most important international cities in the world. With this reputation comes a diverse demography, superior academic resources, political and economic importance, and a plethora of experiences to fill one's time in the city.

Fortunately, I have been awarded an innovation bursary through King's which allows me to take advantage of London and its opportunities. The international student body is what makes the social scene at King's so great; the atmosphere is one of acceptance and discovery!

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