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Shakespeare Studies MA

The two things that first attracted me to King’s were staff reputation and the university’s connections. It was the opportunity to be mentored by Arden editors and taught at The Globe Theatre which made me accept the offer to study Shakespeare at King’s. I have not regretted my choice.

Through this programme I have obtained a 12-month internship at The Globe – a crash course in application of academic research which will undoubtedly prove an extremely transferable skill. Being completely self-funded, I will have to work for a few years to be able to afford a PhD, and I feel that my time at King’s is well preparing me for that necessity. My career interests lie in theatre management and publishing, two areas into which my internship and the invaluable support of the editors  on staff have cast precious insight.

I’d advise prospective students to choose a subject they adore. Graduate study is hard work, so the only way you are going to find the determination to be the best you can be is if your specialist area is the thing you want to do most in the world!

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