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Gerontology MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert

I came to King’s College London for the people. I made my decision while in Trinidad, based only on emails with staff members. Giorgio and Deborah never made me feel pressured about getting my government scholarship on time; but were patient and welcoming. My recruitment officer, MCP, came to Trinidad and was able to tell me and my mom much more about costs of living in London, the weather- all the main issues. Instead of attending another school that year, I chose to defer at King’s. Here I’ve found supportive, passionate lecturers who also happen to be outstanding professionals in the field of Gerontology. To sharpen my skill-set, I attended free classes on essay writing, and also had the opportunity to improve my Spanish. My campus at Strand is literally out of Harry Potter, and there is always something happening at Somerset House next door, including Fashion Week! My room at Wolfson House is around the corner from Borough Market and Shoreditch. I don’t have to walk far for an adventure. As my course comes to an end, I’ve received personal career advice about my next steps. But perhaps I’ll look into a PhD - I’m not sure I’m quite ready to leave.

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