Part Time, Full Time

| Admissions status: Open
Geared both to philosophy graduates, to consolidate and expand their philosophical grounding; and equally to conversion students, to introduce them to key concepts, arguments, texts and techniques from across the philosophical spectrum, while also bringing them up to a high level in selected specialist areas.

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  • Offers a wide selection of optional topics, both current and historical, covering the entire philosophical spectrum from aesthetics to logic and everything in between.
  • Open both to Philosophy graduates and to those converting into Philosophy from other subjects at undergraduate level, with pathways appropriate to their different needs.
  • Located in the heart of London.
Programme leader/s
Dr Jasper Reid
Awarding institution
King's College London
There will be different pathways for conversion and non-conversion students.
Credit value (UK/ECTS equivalent)
UK 180/ECTS 90
One year FT, two years PT, September to September.
Strand Campus.
Student destinations
Usually to further research; also to teaching, management, the financial or the public sector.
Year of entry 2016
Offered by
Maughan Library