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Medieval History MA

For as long as I can remember, I have been enthralled by medieval English history. When I decided on a career path in academia in high school, I began dreaming of obtaining a post-graduate degree in England. My undergraduate work at the University of Florida allowed me to develop an interest in Anglo-Saxon slavery, and King’s hosts Dr. Alice Rio, one of the few scholars of early medieval slavery in the world. Naturally, I leapt at the chance to study at King’s.

I have even been awarded funding, which has enabled me to fulfil my dream of earning a degree in England. Being a student at King’s has opened my world to a wealth of resources I could have scarcely imagined as an undergraduate; London is the perfect place to study medieval history. Here exists a community of renowned historians, both at King’s and in the University of London’s Institute for Historical Research. Top-notch libraries and research facilities are at my fingertips, and the King’s Department of Digital Humanities has exposed me to the essential subject of digital resources.

Additionally, the structure of the program ensures that I build on the skills I need. Having taken years of only classical Latin, it is refreshing to sit in a course dedicated to medievalists. I also have the opportunity to study palaeography, a subject overlooked by many universities and yet crucial to historians. I know that my experience at King’s, as well as the people I’ve met, will provide me with a strong foundation for doctoral research and continuing on into the world of academia.
Medieval History MA

When I came to King's College London from Los Angeles and the University of Southern California for a full time MA in Medieval History, I already knew that I wanted to study for a doctorate afterwards; I thought I just needed the skills to make that happen.
Well, I got the skills at King's - I had never studied Latin before, and here I took part in a Latin play this year. I also got a lot more than that: academics who cared about the personal attention they gave their students; intelligent classmates drawn from across the country; and the academic resources of London, such as the British Library, the Courtauld Institute and the Institute of Historical Research on my doorstep.
For a historian, London is a great place to be, and for a North American it's especially great, as the European continent is just a short hop away. I've made it Venice, Amsterdam and Bruges within the past few months. I'm getting ready to start my doctorate next year, and I know that my entire King's experience has put me in good stead for the future.

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