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MPhil/PhD joint PhD with HKU/NUS


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To apply for most of our postgraduate programmes at King's you will need to complete our postgraduate online application form. A minority of programmes have a different application procedure which will be outlined below. Applying online makes applying easier and quicker for you, and means we can receive your application faster and more securely.
King's does not normally accept paper copies of the postgraduate application form as applications must be made online. However, if you are unable to access the online postgraduate application form, please contact the relevant admissions/School Office at King's for advice.

If you have already applied to King's through our online application form you can check the status of your application by logging into myApplication myApplication

Please mention both the Centre for Language, Discourse & Communication (LDC) and the name of the academic you would like to work with at King's when you fill in the application form. Students interested in studying Linguistics at King’s only should make their application to the Education and Professional Studies Research MPhil/PhD.


Applicants for the Joint PhD programme must contact the relevant departments at both universities before submitting an application in order to discuss the suitability of their topic for the joint programme and to locate potential supervisors. Applications should initially be submitted to the proposed home institution only, ie where the student will start and finish their programme. Students should note that acceptance onto the programme may take slightly longer than for single-institution PhDs because of the additional steps involved. Further details, including FAQs, can be found on the King’s Worldwide web pages.

Applicants who choose King’s as their home institution should apply through the online system, selecting the appropriate Joint PhD option from the drop-down list. In addition to the standard supporting documentation, applicants should submit a Travel Plan form indicating how they intend to divide their time between the two partner institutions. Students must spend a specified amount of time in each institution, details of which can be found in the ‘Notes’ section of the Travel Plan form.

It is recommended that students submit applications for the Joint PhD programme by the end of March to begin the following September.

This requires a research proposal of 500 - 1,000 words covering the research questions, the research area, the potential fieldsite, the methodology, timescale of the project and an indication of the relevant literature. In addition a Personal Statement up to 500 words explaining your personal and/or professional interest in the research area and topic.

PhDs in descriptive and applied linguistics can be funded with studentships awarded by the ESRC and AHRC (UK Research Councils), as well as by King's (eg Graduate School, and Social Sciences and Public Policy) and other bodies. A significant proportion of our students have received these. For further information on funding opportunities please visit:

Closing date
No deadline (but applicants are advised that it can take 4-6 weeks to process a complete application). However, students interested in applying for funding should be aware that deadlines for this differ and may be earlier, therefore applicants should view the Graduate Funding Pages at for more information.
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