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I am currently pursuing a PhD at King’s researching Malay film songs from the 1950s to 1960s. King’s Music Department is quickly growing to be a centre for research on Malay music and cultural history in the Indian Ocean.

I was attracted to study at King’s due to the ‘Musical Transitions in the Indian Ocean’ project helmed by my primary supervisor, Dr. Katherine Butler Schofield. Even though I am not directly a part of the project, I have benefited tremendously from interacting with the other students and academics associated with the programme.

My PhD. research covers a much later historical period compared to this project, therefore, at King’s I have the freedom to pursue my own unique research while drawing inspiration from an exciting academic environment for my area of study.

The diverse academic departments at King’s provide me access to a wealth of scholars, seminars and conferences to enhance my thoroughly interdisciplinary research which involves cultural studies, ethnomusicology, film studies and historical anthropology. Moreover, as a King’s student, I have access to all University of London libraries such as the Senate House Library and particularly useful for me is the School of Oriental and African Studies Library that contains a comprehensive collection on Southeast Asia and the Malay world.

Aside from that, my most frequented place to study is King’s Maughan Library. Apart from its breathtaking Gothic architecture, the collection at Maughan has an extensive music section and an excellent selection of material on film studies.

I am proud to say that while self-funded for my first year, I received a King’s Continuation Scholarship for the remaining years of my study. This scholarship assists me substantially with my living and research expenses. So far, the stimulating and supportive academic environment at King’s has given me essential theoretical and critical academic skills needed for my research and I am certain these skills will benefit my future academic career in film and music studies.

Ms Sophie Morris, tel +44 (0)20 7848 5183.


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